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Rev. George Blagg, 1872-1936

1936 Year Book of the 
Iowa-Des Moines Annual Conference Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. George Blagg
Served the Jerome Methodist Church 1903-1905
  Rev. George Blagg, retired member of the Iowa-Des Moines Conference, died at his home in Grinnell, Iowa, on May 28, 1936. Funeral service was held at the home, in which six members of his Conference: Charles R. Rowe, Raymond M. Shipman, E. L. Bellows, F. B. Hebron, J. H. Krenmyre and Superintendent Levi P. Goodwin took a part. The interment took place at Fayette, Iowa.
  He was born in Clasborough, Nottinghamshire, England, May 20, 1872. Attended the public schools in England, and was confirmed in the Episcopal church. At the age of seventeen he worked his way to America, and found work in Wenona, Illinois. Later, he made his home with the Rev. C. Springer, a retired Methodist minister. In 1892 he arrived in Iowa, with the Springers. He labored on a farm for a time, near Libertyville. Later he did preparatory work in Parsons college, Fairfield, Iowa. Entering Iowa Wesleyan college, he graduated, receiving his bachelor's degree, in June 1901.
  He was received as a Conference probationer in the Iowa Conference, at Newton, Iowa, September 23, 1901. He was elected to full membership in the same at Muscatine, Iowa, and ordained a Deacon by Bishop Willard F. Mallalieu, September 13, 1903. Completing the required Course of Study, he was electged and ordained an elder, at Albia, Iowa, September 11, 1905, by Bishop William F. Warren. During the years of his active ministry he was appointed to the following pastoral charges: Exline, 1901; Mystic, 1903; Mt. Sterling, 1906; Morning Sun, 1909; Montezuma, 1913; Albia, 1917; Muscatine, First church, 1919; Grinnell, 1925; he was made District Superintendent of the Oskaloosa District, 1929. When the two Conferences merged in 1932, he returned to the pastorate, serving New Sharon for three years, 1932-34. At the Conference of 1935, he retired, making his home at Grinnell, Iowa.
  Brother Blagg during his ministry had a large place in the regard of his brethren and the churches where he served. Whether as a student in the college at Mt. Pleasant, or in his various pastorates or on the district, he was ever held in highest respect. His service gave him recognition among his brethren. He was a leader in his Conference. Twice he represented his own constituency in the General Conference, at Kansas City and Atlantic City, New Jersey. As a preacher and pastor his work always showed the ear-marks of a Master workman, his loabors in the Lord were abundant and in his death deep lamentation and real mourning were felt by all the membership of his Conference. 
  Feeling the infirmities of years of activity, in 1935 he asked for the retired relation and made his home where, for five years he had faithfully ministered until he was advanced to the superintendency of Oskaloosa District in which position he continued until the merging of the two Conferences, then returned to the pastorate, being assigned to New Sharon in 1932, where he did excellent service, until his retirement in 1935.
  He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Louise Belle Paine, who, since June 23, 1905, has shared with him all their home delights, their service and their love. A daughter, Miss Amy Elizabeth Blagg, is the Assistant Professor of Zoology, at Grinnell college; and a son, John Creighton Lee Blagg, who has just completed his work for a doctor of philosophy degree in Chemistry, in Columbia University, New York City. Beautiful memories and a wonderful hope cheer their hearts as they sorrow over his absence but rejoice over his crowning. A number of relatives in England, survive him. A Memorial service was held in Clasbourough, England, simultaneous with that held in Grinnell on May 30, 1936. The burial was in the cemetery in Fayette, Iowa.

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