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JEROME By Miss Susie Sidles

Seymour Herald - 5 June 1952
  Mr. and Mrs. John Jordan of Willowsprings, Mo., spent Thursday and Friday at the C. E. Ervin home.
  Janice Workman had a tonsilectemy at the St. Joseph's hospital in Centerville Wednesday. She is recovering rapidly.
  Tommy Owen of Louiseville, Ky., spent the long week end with his mother, Mrs. S. J. Owen, and sister, Dorothy, at the K. E. Owen home. He came in his own plane.
  John Moore and Jimmy Joe Beer left with the group from Centerville Sunday morning to attend Boys State for a week. The community is very glad to have these two boys chosen to go.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jacobs and family and Mr. and Mrs. Barney Massa and family of East Moline, Ill., spent the long week end at the parental Dominick Massa home.
  Loran Hart of Gary, Ind., is spending several days with his sister, Mrs. W. R. Hefner, and family.
  Mr. and Mrs. Grover Faust of New Jersey spent the week end with the Paul Felkner family. The men were friends in service during the second world war.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Wilson  of Joliet, Ill., and Allison John of Elgin, Ill., spent Saturday with their cousin, Miss Susie Sidles.
  Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Burkett and sons of Des Moines spent last Sunday with William Hefner and the W. R. Hefner family.
  Mrs. Wayne Montgomery and son, Lyonal, of Gary, Ind., spent the week end with the Joe Beer family. Miss Judy Beer accompanied them home Sunday to spent two weeks.
  Mr. and Mrs. John Osteno and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Osteno and daughter of Rock Island and Mr. and Mrs. William Cathcart of Exscelsior Springs, Mo., and Arthur Cathcart of Rock Island spent the week end at the Roy Strawser home. Strawser is improving after his recent illness.
  Mrs. Bert F. Murphy spent some time this week in Iowa City and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Owen spent the week end here at the Murphy and K. E. Owen home. Donald is finishing his work at the Iowa State University and will receive his degree in electrical engineering next week. He has accepted a position in Ft. Wayne, Ind., and they will go there to live.
  Joe Nobile and son-in-law, Doyle Gates, of Chicago, spent the week end with Nobile's sister, Mrs. Mike Ponsetto, and family.
  Mrs. William Yonovich and five children left Saturday for San Antonio, Texas. She was accompanied by Tony Yonovich who drove the car for her. She has spent the winter here living in the Steve Zemo home while her husband has been in Korea. She will remain with her mother in San Antonio until he returns home. Tony will return by train.
  Mrs. Thelma Phillips of Hiattsville spent Sunday with her cousin, Mrs. J. W. Workman, and family.
  Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Barton of Sterling, Colo., spent a few days last week with the Gail Felkner family and other relatives in the community.
  William Allan of Ottumwa spent a few days and Memorial Day with his sister, Mrs. William Hardy, and other relatives here.
  Twenty-four attended the W.S.C.S. meeting Thursday. Mrs. Marvelle McElvain and Mrs. Delbert Foster were hostesses. Mrs. William Clark had charge of the program and Mrs. Joe Beer the devotional period. She was assisted by Miss Judy Beer. The new officers were installed. Miss Jocie Lammers of Tacoma, Wash., was a guest.
  Children's Day will be observed Sunday, June 15. That is the Sunday Rev. Gonzalez will be attending conference. The Iowa-Des Moines conference meets in Council Bluffs June 10 to 15.
  M.Y.F. will meet Wednesday evening at the church. They have completed their pledge of $15.00 to missions.
  Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Ervin spent Sunday in Ottumwa with Mrs. Rodney Ervin and family.
  Mr. and Mrs. Earl Norman and Jerry of Joliet, Ill., were calling on friends in the community Saturday.
  Miss Jocie Lammers of Tacoma, Wash., has spent several days with her siste, Mrs. Otto Felkner.
  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Orr of Austin, Minn., were calling on relatives in this community Saturday. They had been attending the funeral of Orr's uncle at Unionville, Iowa.
  Mrs. J. G. Morris and sons, Charles and James, spent Sunday with relatives in Madrid.
  Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gaylor of Rock Island, Ill., and Katie and Francis Rotisky of Chicago spent the Memorial holiday with their mother, Mrs. James Rotisky.
  Mrs. Bertha Blain of Mystic spent Friday with her father, Clay Dooley, and with her brother, Rheuban, and family, who were here from Davenport.
  Mr. and Mrs. Junior Cary of Moline, Ill., spent the week end at the parental Gail Felkner home.
  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sidles and Pete spent Sunday in Ames. They went to take Jim back to school after spending the past three days at home and to attend the Pi Kalpa Alpha picnic given by the boys for their parents.
  Mrs. Maude Armstrong and Mrs. Esther Deahl of Centerville visited last Wednesday with Miss Susie Sidles.
  Friends here are very sorry to learn of the recent illness of Harry Moore of East Moline and wish him a speedy recovery. He was raised in this community.

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