Tuesday, December 8, 2009

JEROME By Miss Susie Sidles

Seymour Herald - 10 July 1952
  Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Warnick observed their 56th weddding anniversary July 3. They had as dinner guests Warnick's two sisters, Mrs. Rebecca Martin and Mrs. George Frogge, of Numa. Sunday they accompanied their son, Walter, and his wife on a trip to Martintown, Mo., where Warnick was born and lived in early life.
  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Matalski and daughter are spending several days with the Stanley Matalski and Earl Fry families.
  Mr. and Mrs. Keith McGavran spent the week end of June 29 with the Charley McGavrans.
  Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Workman and Janice spent the week end of June 29 with the Charley McGavrans.
  Mr. and Mrs. Joe King Massa are spending a week with his relatives here and with her people in Exline.
  Jackie Fry of Bettendorf spent the long week end at the parental I. E. Fry home. Jimmy Fox came with him and will spend several days with his grandparents.
  Jaretta Fox, who has spent several weeks here, returned home with Jackie.
  Tommy Owen of Louisville, Ky., and Hobert Owen and son, Stanley, of Crown Point, Ind., spent Saturday and Sunday at the K. E. Owen home. They came in Tommy's plane. Their mother, Mrs. S. J. Owen, remains in a critical condition.
  Miss Phyllis Hamm and Lavern Disney of Davenport spent the long week end at the Carl Hamm home. 
  Mr. and Mrs. Billy Don Dooley and Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Dooley of Davenport spent the long week end at their home here.
  Michael Jones of Davenport is spending several weeks at the home of his grandparents, the Carl Hamms.
  The Rev. M. R. Gonzalez will have the devotions at the 7 a.m. worship period on KCOG in Centerville each morning this week.
  Miss Shirley Coatney of Centerville was a dinner guest Sunday of Jackie Fry at the I. E. Fry home.
  Pete Sidles of Iowa State College at Ames spent the long week end at the parental Peter Sidles home.
  Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Hellyer of Promise City visited Sunday with Miss Susie Sidles. They brought word of the death of the Rev. Francis B. Harris, who served the Promise City-Jerome charge in 1937 and 1938. He had been an invalid the past three years and was at the home of his father and aunts in Hillsboro, Ill. He had gone there to be cared for and his wife taught school. They had one child, Margaret Ann, 5 years of age. His death occurred July 2 and he was buried July 4 at Hillsboro.
  Mrs. Lester King and brother, Emmett Stiles, have gone to Davenport to spend some time with her husband and sons, who are employed there.
  Mr. and Mrs. Neil Todd of Hiawatha, Utah, have spent the past week at the home of Mrs. Todd's brother, Roy Strawswer, and Mrs. Strawser. 

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  1. It was interesting to read your comment about Neil & Grace Todd. They lived right next door to me in Hiawatha in the 1940's & 1950's. I spent a lot of time in their home and they were very good friends with my father & mother Bill & Birdie Baldwin.