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JEROME By Miss Susie Sidles

Seymour Herald - 3 April 1952
  Miss Patti Murphy of Davenport is spending several days at home because of the illness of her mother, Mrs. Bert Murphy, who is a patient in the St. Joseph's hospital in Centerville.
  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ervin and family and Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Reisnor of Centerville were guests Sunday at the C. E. Ervin home.
  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sidles returned Wednesday from Gnadenhutten, Ohio, where they had spent several days with their daughter and family, the Warren Streiffs. They had accompanied their son, Howard, and family of Ames to Ohio but returned by train. Howard and family went to Rawleigh, N.C. to visit her parents, and he went to Washington, D.C., on a business trip in connection with his employment. 
  While the Sidles were away, Jim was home from his school duties at Ames to look after the farm.
  Mr. and Mrs. Charley McGavran spent Sunday with Elvin McGavrans in Seymour.
  Twenty-one members and three children were present at the W.S.C.S. meeting last Thursday. In the election of officers that day some of the officers were reelected but others were named for the first time. Included were: president, Mrs. Gail Felkner; vice president, Mrs. W. R. Hefner; recording secretary, Mrs. Delbert Foster; treasurer, Mrs. William Clark; secretary of promotions, Mrs. Richard Mincks; missionary education, Susie R. Sidles; local activities, Mrs. Tony Blozevich; student work, Mrs. Paul Felkner; children's work, Mrs. Joe Beer; spiritual life, Mrs. Charles McGavran; supply work, Mrs. James Felkner; status of women, Mrs. J. G. Morris.
  Next meeting of the W.S.C.S. will be an afternoon session April 9 instead of Thursday, the usual day. The program will include a book review by Mrs. W. O. Moore and the music will be furnished by Mrs. L. H. Mallett.
  The Rev. M. R. Gonzalez attended the district conference at Oskaloosa last Wednesday.
  The M.Y.F. will meet with Donald and Max Ervin Wednesday evening.
  Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hawkins and Miss Kathryn Hawkins of Davenport spent Friday and Saturday in Jerome. They were there to move their household goods to Davenport, where Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins are employed. They also moved some of Miss Kathryn's household goods.
  Mrs. Cecil Elgin, who has recently moved into the Ella Brown property, has gone for a two weeks visit among relatives at Iowa City, Chicago and Virginia. Mrs. Elgin was formerly from Mystic.
  Mrs. Bertha Blaine of Mystic spent a few days here last week with her mother, Mrs. Stella Dooley. Wednesday Mrs. Dooley accompanied her to Mystic for a few days visit.
  Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Hawkins of Davenport spent the week end of March 23 with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Workman.
  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ervin and family visited in Ottumwa Saturday afternoon and evening.
  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Metaski [Matelski] spent last week end at the parental Stanley Mataski [Matelski] and Earl Fry homes. 
  Mrs. James Felkner has been confined to her home for several days with illness.
  The Otha Fenton family of Udell and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Allen of Iconium spent Sunday with the John Ponsettos.
  Max Van Blaricom and Joey Ponsetto represented the Jerome school at the county spelling contest in Centerville Saturday.
  Pete Sidles is home from school at Ames. He will help with the farm work the rest of the school year and then return to Ames for the summer session.
  The Lincoln township assignment for Red Cross was $160 and the workers were able to obtain that amount. The committee was Mrs. Dewey Mattly, Mrs. Thomas Gatrel, Mrs. Raymond Terry, Mrs. O. I. Fry, Mrs. Delbert Foster and Miss Susie Sidles.

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