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JEROME By Miss Susie Sidles

Seymour Herald - 14 August 1952
  The Appanoose county fair was well attended from this part of the county last week, and blue ribbons were won by Norman Hefner on calves and by Louise and Luella Sidles in 4-H handwork. Also a number of school children in the educational exhibit won awards.
  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Felkner flew to Davenport and spent the day Sunday.
  The Rev. and Mrs. Roy H. Mills and son, G. W., of Des Moines and Miss Georgia Sidles of Sioux City spent last week with relatives here. They returned home Friday. G. W. remained for a longer visit.
  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nobile and Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Gates of Chicago, Ill., are spending several days with relatives here.
  Roy Strawser fell from the school steps several days ago and broke his leg. After two days in the St. Joseph's hospital in Centerville he was taken to the Veterans hospital in Des Moines where he is recovering and getting about the hospital on crutches.
  Jim Sidles spent the week end at Ames. He was accompanied by Carl Gillespie of Walnut City.
  Anthony Rotisky sold his acreage at the south edge of town and left Friday with his family for Arizona where he hopes to recover from arthritis, from which he has suffered for some time. They sold their household goods Thursday.
  The acreage was purchased by John Ver Steegt of Columbia and their goods were moved Friday. Mrs. Van Steegt is in the General hospital at Knoxville where a baby daughter was born to them Aug. 7. She and the four children will come here later. Van Steegt is an evangelist and is holding a tent meeting at Worthington, Mo. Two of the children will attend school here, their former home being at Sully. 
  Miss Shirley Creeton of Davenport is spending several weeks with her aunt, Mrs. Barney Felkner, and Mr. Felkner.
  Mary Catherine Mincks spent last week end with her aunt, Mrs. Gene Darrah, and Mr. Darrah near the Missouri line.
  Mrs. Bob Baker and son, Bert, of Lenora, Kans., are visiting her brother, J. W. Workman, and family. She was the former Gussie Workman and was raised in this community.
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stewart of Caney, Kans., and Matt Enwer of Wyconda, Mo., and Mrs. Rodney Ervin and Joyce and Dwaine of Ottumwa spent the week end at the C. E. Ervin home.
  The Rev. M. R. Gonzalez and family, accompanied by Miss Rowena Rash, will go to Clear Lake the last of the week to spend a week at the Family Life recreational school. Miss Rash is a delegate from the M.Y.F. Other young people from Mystic and Plano also will attend the meeting.
  Mr. and Mrs. Donald Owen of Ft. Wayne, Ind., spent the week end at the Bert F. Murphy and K. E. Owen homes. 
  Friends on rural route 2, where Bert Voyce is substitute mail carrier, were very sotty to learn of his auto accident and wish him a speedy recovery.
  Since the Rev. Mr. Gonzalez will be away, there will be no preaching Sunday, Aug. 17, and Sunday school will be at the preaching hour, 10 o'clock.

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