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Soldiers Buried in Appanoose County

Centerville Daily Iowegian & Citizen - 27 May 1941
Appanoose County Soldiers of All Wars 
Buried in Cemeteries of the County or Adjoining Ones
Compiled by WPA Workers as a Federal Aid Project
Brazil Cemetery
Cooper, Samuel, Co. B 5th Kan. Cav.
Stearns, Gary, World War Veteran, 
Private Salvage Co. Headquartermaster Corps.
Felkner Cemetery
Kingsbury, Robert, 184th Ohio Inf.
Livingood Cemetery
Moss, G. R., Co. I, 36th Ia. Inf.
Motto-Cooley Cemetery
Cooley, Samuel Cooper, Civil War
Numa Cemetery
Athy, Geo. W., Co. I, 36th Ia. Inf., died Nov. 20, 1902
Bailey, Alex, U.S. Mounted Riflemen, Civil War
Bradley, Benj. A., Co. I, 3rd Ia. Cav., died May 1, 1929
Brown, Perry, Co. E. 2nd and 3rd Ia. Cav., Consolidated
Hockman, Henry P., Co. C 3rd Ia. Cav.
McCannon, James, Civil War, died July 28, 1905
Murphy, Fred, World War Veteran, 
Co. M,  349th Infantry, 88th Div.
Warnick, John M., Co. E, 18th Mo. Inf.
Vrooman, Henry, Co. I, 89th Ill.
Jerome Cemetery
Crist, John C., Co. D, 87th Ind. Inf. Cav., 
killed in action 1862, died Oct. 3, 1904
(One of these must be an error.  OJK)
Dooley, Charles, Co. D, 45th Ia. Inf., died Dec. 17, 1906
Fisher, James M., Civil War, died Dec. 16, 1928
Jackson, C. R., Co. B, 6th Kan. Cav., died Aug. 24, 1906
Jennings, Edward T., Co. B, 6th Kan. Cav.
Jennings, Ned, Civil War
Kinney, Jesse G., Co. A, 3rd Ia. Cav., died June 2, 1920
Moore, James L., Civil War, died 1879
Pendergast, Addison, Co. B, 6th Kansas, died March 11, 1898
Ross, Geo. W., Civil War, died 1912
Sidles, Peter W., Co. B, 6th Kans. Cav.
Miller Cemetery
Davis, Samuel, Co. I, 36th Ia. Inf., died July 10, 1883
Manning, Harvey, 30th Ia. Inf.
Miller, John M., Co. B, 6th Kas. Cav.
Rinker, Geo. W., Co. B, 6th Kan. Cav., died July 28, 1864
Teter, John R., Co. I, 36th Ia. Cav.
Wilson, Andrew J., Co. B, 6th Kan. Cav.
(1941 edition says killed in action, 1862)
Wilson, R. P., Ill. Mtd. Vol.
Farmer Cemetery
[Listed under Pleasant Township]
Alexander, Jones, Co. -, 36th Ia Inf. and Mexican War, 
died Dec. 9, 1887. (Was this name reversed??)
Farmer, Enoch, Co. L, 36th Ia. Inf., died Jan. 13, 1892.
Appanoose County Soldiers
Seymour Cemetery
Bower, Jacob A., Co. I, 36th Ia. Inf.
Conger, Lieut. Charles A., Co. B, 47th Ia. Inf.
Condra, I. A., Co. B, 47th Ia. Inf.
Elloitt (sic), Wm., Co. H, 8th Ia. Cav.
Harvey, Wallace M., Co. I, 36th Ia. Inf.
Jennings, N. L., or E. T., Co. B, 6th Kan. Cav.
Lowry, Corp. Robert S., Co. I, 36th Ia. Inf.
Manning, Wm., Co. B, 6th Kan. Cav.
Murphy, Steven R., Ill. Cav. died June 6, 1906
Pendergast, John, Co. B, 6th Kan. Cav.
Rinker, Frank, 6th Kan. Cav.
 Transcribed from Soldiers Buried in Appanoose County, Iowa Before World War II compiled by Osee Johnson Knouf [S.I. Daughters of the American Revolution, La-Grange-Illinois Society, 1977] on FHLFilm #1703828, Item #3 [Salt Lake City, Utah: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1990].

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