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JEROME by Susie Sidles - 5 March 1953

  Mr. and Mrs. Gail Felkner, Jr., and daughter of Little Rock, Ark., spent from Thursday until Sunday of last week at the Gail Felkner home. For the week end Mr. and Mrs. Junior Cary of Moline and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Felkner and son, also of Moline, were also at the parental home. Mrs. Cary stayed for a longer visit.
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mincks attended the ball games in Des Moines Tuesday and Thursday. Thursday they were guests of the Frank D. Jones family in Des Moines.
  Forrest Workman went to Moline, Ill., Thursday to spend a few days with his brother, Burdette Workman and family.
  The W. S. C. S. will serve a father and son banquet March 12. The program will be in charge of Mrs. M. R. Gonzales. The hostesses are Mrs. William Clark, Mrs. Delbert Foster and Mrs. Paul Ervin.
  Miss Colleen Hefner of Des Moines spent the week end at the parental W. R. Hefner home.
  Mrs. Orville Swarts, south of town, is going to Iowa City to the State University hospital in a few days for observation and treatment.
  Mrs. Earl Fry returned last week from Davenport after spending several days at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Edward Matilski, and family. Mrs. Fry has advertised her farm for sale.
  Mr. and Mrs. E. Parks of Grinnell spent the week end at the parental Ray Parks home.
  The store formerly belonging to W. E. Hawkins and sold to H. L. Stark has been recently sold to Appanoose county. It will be used as a storage building for county machinery and materials.
  Twenty members were present at the W. S. C. S. meeting Thursday. Mr. Junior Cary of Moline, Ill., was a guest. Mrs. C. E. Ervin and Mrs. Earl Fry were hostesses and Mrs. Charley McGavran gave a very interesting lesson on the duties of several missionaries.
  Former neighbors of Mrs. Roy Glenn are glad to know she is home after spending a few days in the St. Joseph's hospital in Centerville and that Mr. Glenn is recovering from flu.
  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sidles have received word from the son, Harold, who has been employed at Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., the past winter, that he is being transferred to Mexico City. He and his family are moving there this month where they expect to be the rest of the year.
  Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Fry were called to Davenport last Sunday because of a car accident by Mrs. James Fox and Jackie Fry. They were both injured but not seriously. Fry has returned home but Mrs. Fry remained for a longer stay.
  Transcribed from The Seymour Herald of 5 March 1953.

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