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Methodists Celebrates Centennial

The Seymour Herald - 22 September 1955
  JEROME--The centennial anniversary of the Jerome Methodist church was observed Sunday, Sept. 18, with a large crowd present for the basket dinner at noon and the reception in the social room at 4 o'clock.
  One hundred and eighty-four signed the register.
  It is interesting to note that some of the first trustees of the Jerome church were Calvin R. Jackson, James Hagan, Peter Sidles and James M. Kinney and on this anniversary several of their direct descendants were present.
  Mrs. Pherma Darrah and her daughter, Mrs. Harvey Bettis, both of Seymour, were present, Mrs. Darrah being a granddaughter and Mrs. Bettis a great-granddaughter of Calvin Jackson.
  The daughter of James Hagan, Mrs. Emma Ogle, now is an invalid, but Miss Cadd Hawkins and A. F. Hawkins, both of Davenport, were grandchildren and Bill Hawkins, also of Davenport, a great-grandson, also were present.
  Mrs. Effie Houx of Cedar Rapids, a niece of James Kinney, was present and Peter, George and Susie Sidles, Mrs. Ettie Condra, all members of the church at the present time, and Mrs. Mary Sidles Mills of Des Moines all were present for the centennial and are grandchildren of Peter Sidles. His great grandchildren present were Pete, Louise, Luella and Janice Sidles.
  This indicated that the good work of the ancestors can be carried through many generations.
  Two former ministers were present, Rev. and Mrs. H. B. Fay of Crawfordsville and Rev. and Mrs. J. E. McClellen and Paul and Karen of Humeston. Both gave helpful addresses. The rest of the program was carried out by local people.
  Mrs. Paul Felkner gave a brief history of the church, mentioning the growth through the years and the latest preparatory member, Mark William Hefner, who was born Sept. 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hefner. His name was added to the cradle roll the first week of his life.
  Mrs. Gail Felkner was chairman of the committee and was assisted by others of the church in doing a good job to make it a success.
  The large cake was baked by Mrs. Alfred McWilliams of Aredale, the mother of Mr.s Paul Felkner. She baked and donated the cake to the church.
  Flowers were given by the Stagner and Watson floral companies in Centerville, by Mrs. Orpha Deibert of Sac City and by Clarence and Jess Young of Centerville, who mother, the late Mrs. Ollie Young, was a long-time member of the Jerome church.
  Among the out-of-town people who came for the day were Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Hawkins, Mrs. W. E. Hawkins and Bill of Davenport, Mrs. Eugene McKern and Mrs. Bertha Blanie of Mystic, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mickey, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bettis, Mrs. Pherma Darrah, Mrs. Rachel Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Harold McElvain and children, Jerri Berge, all of Seymour. Then from Cincinnati were Miss Betty Cousins, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Holbrook and from Promise City Mrs. Iris Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Hellyer, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Brattain and Mrs. Ada Long.
  From Numa were Mr. and Mrs. Tony Grenko and Janice, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gillispie, Mrs. Rebecca Martin and Mrs. Cecil Crouch.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ray Robinson, Mrs. Ted Francisco and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Swan came from Oskaloosa, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Swan of New Sharon, Mrs. Hazel Thompson and Ann and Alice of Ottumwa, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dudley of Moulton and from Centerville came Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Reisner, Miss Leola Rinker, Mrs. Frank Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Charley DePuy, Mrs. Inez Fry, Mrs. Stella Hunter, Mrs. Ruth Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sexton, Mrs. Mattie Jerrard, Mrs. Maggie Anderson and Mrs. Emma McCulloch.
  Also Mrs. Effie Houx of Cedar Rapids, Rev. and Mrs. Roy H. Mills of Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Burkett and Raymond of Des Moines, Miss Shirley Larson of Cedar Falls, Rev. and Mrs. H. F. Fay of Crawfordsville and Rev. and Mrs. J. E. McClellen and Karen and Paul of Humeston.
  Letters were read from Miss Emma Ogle of Centerville, Rev. M. R. Gonzales of Barnes City and Rev. J. A. Wilson of Crown Point, Ind., and others.
  Mr. and Mrs. Bert F. Murphy have received word of the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Owen at Jackson, Mich. The baby's name is Paula Gayle. Mrs. Owen was the former Marilyn Murphy.
  Rev. and Mrs. Roy H. Mills of Des Moines spent Sunday night with the George Sidles family and Monday with the Peter Sidles'.
  Mrs. Effie Houx of Cedar Rapids is spending a few days with Miss Susie Sidles.
  Jerri Berge of Seymour spent the week end with Mary Mincks.
  Bert A. Murphy returned Saturday from Jackson, Mich., where he had been employed for the summer and left on Monday for Iowa City where he is a senior at the University.
  Jim Condra left Wednesday for Ames where he is enrolled at Iowa State College.
  W. E. Hawkins came from Davenport Monday to take Miss Cadd Hawkins to make her home there. The Frank Longs of north of town will move to the Hawkins home which they have purchased.

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