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JEROME by Susie Sidles - 1 January 1953

  Mr. and Mrs. Junior Carey of Moline, Ill., spent the week end at the parental Gail Felkner home.
  Mr. and Mrs. Barney Felkner have gone to California on a vacation trip.
  Mr. and Mrs. Donald Owen spent Christmas at the parental Bert F. Murphy home, returning to their home in Ft. Wayne, Ind., Sunday.
  Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hamm and son, Carl, returned home Sunday morning after spending Christmas with their children in Davenport.
  The Rev. and Mrs. Roy H. Mills and children of Des Moines spent a few days with her relatives here. They returned home Friday. They,l with the Peter and George Sidles families, spent Christmas with Mrs. Janice Sidles in Seymour.
  The J. G. Morris family spent Christmas with the Daryl Longs in the North Bend vicinity.
  Miss Susie Sidles accompanied the J. E. and Merrill Condra families to Centerville to spend Christmas with Mrs. Louise Hunt and Mary Louise.
  The Paul Ervin family and Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Reisnor of Centerville spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Ervin.
  Ronnie Wilson is at home and improving after an appendectomy in the St. Joseph's hospital in Centerville a few days ago.
  Mrs. J. H. Workman is also improving at her home.
  Miss Colleen Hefner of Des Moines spent Christmas holidays at her home here.
  The Paul McElvain family spent Christmas day with his mother, Mrs. Cecile McElvain, in Centerville.
  Mrs. Roy Glenn of Seymour attended the Christmas program given at the church Christmas eve.
  Tommie Wilson, who has been attending school in Springfield, Mo., is spending the Christmas vacation at the parental Leonard Wilson home.
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mincks and children and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Mincks had pre-Christmas dinner at the Charley McGavran home Sunday, Dec. 21.
  Marshall Moore has been quite ill at his home here but is improved.
  Mrs. William Brown has gone to Rogers, Ark., to attend the funeral of her brother, William Duncan, who passed away at his home there.
  Mr. and Mrs. John Ponsetto spent Christmas day at the parental Otha Fenton home in Udell. THey were accompanied home by Miss Beverly Fenton, who is spending a few days with them. They all spent Sunday at the Mark Allen home in Iconium.
  The next church family night cooperative supper will be Jan. 5 at 6:30.
  Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Karen Hickie of Chillicothe, Mo., spent the day with Mrs. Bollman and the John Hickies.
  Transcribed from The Seymour Herald of Thursday, 1 January 1953.

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