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JEROME by Susie Sidles - 9 April 1953

  Mr. and Mrs. Scott McDonald, who spent the winter in Brownsville, Texas, returned to their home here March 29. They report the weather there extremely warm for so early in the season.
  Mr. John Hickie, who spent several days in the St. Joseph's hospital in Centerville and submitted to surgery, returned home Friday and is recovering.
  The Tony Rotisky family, who sold their home here last fall and spent the winter in Arizona, returned several days ago and have purchased the A. F. Hawkins property and are living in it.
  The Jerome Cemetery association met March 30. The following officers were elected: Mrs. Charles McGavran, president; Charles McGavran, vice president, and Susie R. Sidles, secretary-treasurer. There is one trustee elected each year and Joe Beer was reelected for a term of three years. The other trustees are K. E. Owen and Merle Loofburrow. The sexton will be hired by the trustees.
  Pete Sidles of Iowa State College, Ames, spent the week end at the parental Peter Sidles home.
  Mr. and Mrs. Alfred McWilliams of Aredale spent the week end with the Paul Felkners.
  Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Burkett and sons, Miss Colleen Hefner and William Henderson of Des Moines, Miss Bonadene Wilson of Centerville, Mrs. Maude Forsythe and son, Montelle, of Mystic and William Hefner were Sunday dinner guests at the W. R. Hefner home.
  Mrs. Guy Streepy of Udell spent the past week with her sister, Miss Susie Sidles, and Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Wilson of Joliet, Ill., and Allison John of Elgin, Ill., were overnight guests Wednesday. They were here attending the funeral of their brother, W. H. John, at Centerville.
  The Owen family, Hobert of Crown Point, Ind., Tommy of Louisville, Ky., Richard of Glenwood, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Owen Ft. Wayne, Ind., spent the Easter vacation with the K. E. Owen family and other relatives here.
  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Leaming and son, of Liberal, Kans., Mrs. John Kline and two children of Satanta, Kans., and Mary Lou Morris of Ottumwa spent Easter vacation at the parental J. G. Morris home. On Sunday after service they with other members of the Morris family were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Darl Long west of Mystic.
  The Easter service was well attended with an interesting program given at the Sunday School hour. The attendance at Sunday School was 120.
  Mrs. Peter Sidles and son, Jim, spent last Wednesday with the Howard Sidles family in Ames.
  J. W. Workman has been in St. Joseph's hospital in Centerville for several days. It is his second trip to the hospital with heart attacks. He is now improving and hopes to return home soon.
  Mr. and Mrs. Lester King of Davenport spent Sunday at their home here with her brother, Emmett Stiles, who occupies the home. They report their son, Howard, who is a patient in the Veteran's Hospital at Iowa City is only holding his own. His condition is still serious.
  Mrs. Leotia Griffin of Muscatine spent the week end with the Rev. M. R. Gonzalez and attended service here.
  Mrs. Louise Hunt and Mary Louise of Centerville attended service here Sunday and visited their aunt, Miss Susie Sidles.
  Mr. and Mrs. Junior Cary and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Felkner of Moline spent the week end at the parental Gail Felkner home.
  Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Workman and daughter, Julie, spent several days last week with the Forrest Workmans and visited his father in the hospital.
  Mr. and Mrs. Paul McElvain and three children spent Sunday with her parents, the Ralph Shorts, in Centerville.
  The Rev. Roy H. Mills family of Des Moines spent Monday with Mrs. Janice Sidles in Seymour and with George and Peter Sidles families here. Mrs. Mills was the former Mary Sidles.
  Mrs. Charles Orcutt of Russell and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pawelson of Des Moines, were Monday visitors with Miss Susie Sidles.
  Transcribed from The Seymour Herald of Thursday, 9 April 1953.

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