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Rev. Charles Edward Coggeshall, Minister, Jerome Methodist Church, 1907-1908

Charles Edward Coggeshall
  Charles Edward Coggeshall, son of Chiswell and Leah Coggeshall was born July 26, 1867, in Webster, Indiana. When he was twelve years of age he came to Iowa following the death of his parents and made his home in West Branch, with an uncle, Tristram Coggeshall. He lived with his uncle until early manhood and then spent a few years away at school and traveling. He then felt called to the ministry and began preaching in the Methodist Episcopal church. His first appointment after he was admitted on trial in the old Iowa Conference was at Nichols, in 1893. His appointments were Delta, Packwood, Fremont, Eldon, Wapello, Moulton, New London, Victor and the last place before his retirement in 1942 was Brighton.
  He was married to Laura Alexander Jelly of Attalissa, on October 2, 1895. They had three children. Arlene passed away in infancy; Harris lives in Elmhurst, Illinois and Marian Gross, and her husband are serving a church in Chicago. They also had four grand-children and three great grand-children. His wife passed away in 1947. Brother Coggeshall died in Chicago, September 6, 1955, at the age of 88 years.
  Funeral services were held in West Branch, and interment was made in West Liberty.
  Transcribed from the 1956 Iowa-Des Moines Annual Conference Report of the Methodist Church, page 141.
Conference History of Charles E. Coggeshall, Retired
Admitted on Trial Iowa, '93; Full Membership '96; Deacon '96; Elder '98. Appointments: Nichols, '93; Koszta, '94; Delta, '95; Packwood, '97; Chillicothe, '99.  Trans. Upper Iowa, Plainfield, '01. Trans. Des Moines, Lanesboro, '03. Trans. Iowa, Fremont, '05; Cincinnati, '07; Eldon, '08; Buxton, '09; Lone Tree, '12; Wapello, '15; Moulton, '17; New London, '18; Winfield, '20; What Cheer, '21; Victor, '24; Mediapolis, '26; Kalona-Riverside, '29; Libertyville, '32; Donnellson, '36; Ainsworth, '38; Brighton, '40; Ret. '42. 
  Transcribed from Iowa-Des Moines Annual Conference Report of the Methodist Church, page 205. 
West Branch Times (IA) - 8 September 1955
Rev. Charles Coggeshall Dies In Chicago:
Rites Today in West Branch
  Funeral services for the Rev. Charles E. Coggeshall, a former resident of West Branch, died Tuesday morning in Chicago.
  Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. today (Thursday) in the First Methodist church here. Burial will be in the West Liberty cemetery.
  Charles Coggeshall was a native of West Branch and was educated in the West Branch school. He was a minister in the Methodist church and served churches in Iowa, until his retirement about 12 years ago, when Mr. and Mrs. Coggeshall returned to West Branch. His wife died in 1947, and most of his time since then has been spent with his children.
First Methodist Church - L. E. Bauman, Minister
  Thursday, Sept. 8 -- At 2 p.m. the funeral services for the Rev. Charles Coggeshell, former Methodist minister who resided here during his retirement days, will be held in the church. His former district Superintendent, Dr. L. L. Weis, pastor of the Methodist church in Montezuma will deliver the memorial address, and will be assisted in the service by Rev. Bauman.
Information from Jim Gardner of San Antonio, TX
  Email dated 27 April 2009:  I haven't done any work on Charles Edward Coggeshall and didn't know he was a minister. I will look at him and his family a little closer tomorrow and see what I can find. The only info I have is that he is descended from the Nantucket Quakers who were part of the Guilford County, NC migration about 1771/1775 (there were about 41 families that made the move). They could not be part of the slavery that was going on in the area so most of the group headed up to the midwest in the early 1800s. Most settled in Indiana and then spread out from there to IA and IL.  If I run across anything interesting on Charles Coggeshall I will let you know.
  Email dated 28 April 2009: Didn't come up with a lot of info on Charles E. Coggeshall. Both of his parents died when he was about 10 years old or so, and he went to live with his uncle Tristram Coggeshall with his sister Janetta (don't know where his brother Clinton went). I saw that he served as a minister at Embury United Methodist Church, Van Buren Township, Lee County, Iowa (if you do a search you should find a pic of that church).  He married Laura Alexandria Jelly on 2 Oct 1895 in IA and had two children: Harris J. (b Nov 1897, Wapello, IA) and Marian D. (b abt 1908, Wapello, IA). 

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