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Glenn Family 1984

  Since our proudest possessions are our children and grandchildren, we would like to write for and own this App. Co. book for their future. I am Patricia Joann Jones Glenn and was born in Johns Township 3 miles north of Plano, Ia. My father Merle Jones was born in the same home as I was as well as his father Johnny Jones making three generations born there. The home is still standing and Neil Jones lives there now. Our great-grandfather Nathan Jones came here from Indiana in 1853 with his parents and 9 of his brothers and sisters. The Jones heritage is very well known here and there are many cousins in this area still. Neil and Dale Jones still farm some of the land their great grandfather farmed. On our grandmother's side the Ferren name was also one of the first settlers in this county and very respected name, her father one of the county's first sheriffs. 
  I was born May 22, 1935 and have three older brothers, Neil, Dale and Don living around Plano, and on younger brother Gary who works in Jefferson City, Mo. but has a home in Centerville where he resides on weekends, also we have a sister Betty Harbold whose husband, Wayne, now deceased, was a county native. She lives in DeWitt, Ia., moving there shortly after their marriage. Our mother Ova Samuelson died of t.b. in 1938 while we were quite young. At that time I went to live with very loving relatives my Aunt Lela and Roy Harris and daughters Dona and Loris.  They moved to Centerville shortly after I moved in with them and I attended Centerville schools, however moving back out on farm with my brothers my senior year thus graduating from Seymour School.
  In 1949 our father Merle was killed in a car-truck wreck leaving the three sons and mother Ollie alone. Gary had since made his home with Betty. After high school graduation I worked at I.S.U. about 1 year until I met and married Gene Glenn in 1954. He had a farm north of Promise City where we lived for three years and then back to Plano on the John Irwin farm where we raised three sons and two daughters. They are John, who helps his dad farm, plus holding a full-time job with R.R.W.A. He married Diana Owen and they have two children: Whitney, 2, and J.R., 1. Timothy, our next son is our partner in farming, living on adjoining farms and he married Linda Long of Seymour r.r. and they have three children: Brock 8, Blake 6, and Velvet 5. Dan is the youngest boy and he lives in Kirksville, Mo. He owns and operates the Hair Clinic No. 2. He married this year to Sandy Treasure also of Kirksville and they are expecting their first child the end of Dec. Our oldest daughter, Kimberly married Nick Hindley and they have two daughters, Delissa 2, and Brandi 2 months. Nick is employed at I.S.U. in Centerville, Ia. Needless to say we have a houseful of little ones when we get together which is often and we love it. Cheryl, our youngest daughter, is a senior in Seymour High and has had many all-conference honors in sports and we enjoy going to her games. She is planning to continue her education in college somewhere in the fall.
  My husband Gene was born July 7, 1922 near Seymour, the only son of Roy and Ratchel Glenn. He has three sisters, Iris Holmes, deceased, Eleanor Carpenter of Baraboo, Wis., and Juanita Groomes of Centerville. Gene has always been a very hard worker starting his farming from scratch and now owns about 600 A. in Wayne and App. counties. He has taught his children to work hard and been a very generous father to them all. Next to farming and watching Cheryl play ball he loves to bowl and has won many trophies. He has been a 4-H leader for over 10 years of the Johns Jr. Feeders club staring when his own boys were in and will soon see his grandson, Brock join. He made my lifetime dream come true when he built my beautiful brick home by our pond for me in 1980.
  My hobbies are playing the piano and listening to gospel music and reading. With seven grandchildren I am privileged to babysit quite often which I enjoy. We are thankful they are all healthy and close by to watch them grow. I help out with the farm work in the spring then love to swim and fish in our pond. We attend the Plano Christian Church and I teach s.s., play the piano. We are sure there is no better place to live and raise a family than Appanoose Co. and are proud to be a part of it.
  Text transcribed with permission from the Appanoose County Historical Society from Appanoose County Iowa, written by the people of Appanoose County, compiled in 1984-1985 by the Appanoose County Historical Society, and printed by Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas, Texas (1986). 

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