Friday, May 8, 2009

Roy Lewis Van Blaricome - Seymour High School - Senior of the Week - 14 May 1953

  Roy Lewis Van Blaricome, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Van Blaricome of Jerome, certainly comes from a large family. He has one older brother and two younger; 6 older sisters and one younger. He was born in Jerome, Iowa, July 22, 1935. His nickname is "Rocky" and his ambition is to work. (Funny isn't it?) His pastime is teasing people. Wonder if we could reduce this to a minimum and say girls. Roy's most exciting experience was the time he was in a car wreck eat of Plano. Roy says Saturday is his most important day of the week, but he won't say what happens to make this so. July is the month because of the sports that take place then and the hot weather. In 1952 something special must have happened but again he won't say what! One p.m. to 7 a.m. is when he has his fun. Wonder what it is?
  Some of Roy's favorites are: food, coney islands; color, ruby; son, "I'll Go On Alone;" author, Mark Twain.
  Roy is 5 feet, 9 inches tall, has brown hair and blue eyes. The thing he likes best about S.H.S. is Miss Banning's class. To improve it Roy thinks he would finish getting new seats for the assembly.  -- Pat Knowles
  Transcribed from "The Pepper" - Official Publication of the Seymour Public Schools - published in the Seymour Herald of 14 May 1953. 

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