Sunday, May 10, 2009

Miss Faye Runyon - Teacher of the Week

  Miss Faye Runyon, kindergarten and art teacher, is this week's "teacher of the week." She graduated from a two-year primary education course at Iowa State Teacher's College in Cedar Falls, and received her B.A. degree from the State University of Iowa with a major in graphic and plastic arts.  Through correspondence work from the State University of Iowa she has completed 21 hours of French, English and primary education.
  Some of her favorite pastimes include doing design work, painting, and doing sculptor work. She has exhibited art work in Des Moines and is widely known locally for her interest in art. Art work from Seymour seventh and eighth grade students has been exhibited previously in the Scholastic Art Exhibit in Des Moines. At the present time, however, art is not taught in these grades and competition below thatItalic level is not accepted.
  Miss Runyon is responsible for designing and constructing scenery for operettas and Christmas programs. She designs and makes all of her own greeting cards at Christmas. An outstanding feature of every Christmas program is the telling of the Christmas story by a kindergarten youngster. All the children in class learn the story by hearing Miss Runyon tell it. One child is then chosen to tell it at the Christmas program.
  Miss Runyon has visited the western states, Canada, the Vancouver Islands, some Southern states, Nova Scotia and several Eastern states. Memorable events of her trips includes a boat ride through an underground cavern, horseback riding over the mountains and boating around Niagara Falls.  -- Marjorie Harl
  Transcribed from "The Pepper" - Official Publication of the Seymour Public School - in The Seymour Herald, Thursday. 12 February 1953.  The editor of The Jerome Journal remembers Miss Faye Runyon as his kindergarten teacher in Seymour. 

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