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JEROME by Susie Sidles - 12 March 1953

  Miss Barbara Holland, R.N., of Des Moines spent the week end with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ponsetto.
  Mat Ewers of Wyconda was a guest Sunday and over night with his sister, Mrs. C. E. Ervin, and Mr. Ervin.
  S/Sgt. Richard Ponsetto of Washington, D.C., is spending a few days with his parents here.
  There was a large attendance at the 4th quarterly conference held at the Methodist church Monday night. There was a large delegation from Mystic and several from Plano.
  The school election held Monday elected Marshall Moore to succeed himself and William Clark was elected as a new member.
  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Howell, formerly of this community, spent the week end at the Joe Beer home.
  Mrs. Lyda Bollman is spending several days with Clay Hickie family in Des Moines.
  K. E. Owen went to Chicago Sunday with a truck load of cattle.
  Forrest Workman, who has been employed the past two weeks in Davenport, spent the wqeek end at home. He returned Sunday with the Edward Matelski family who had spent the week end here.
  Several from here attended the funeral of Percy Talkington in Seymour Sunday.
  The weekend of March 1 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sidles and sons, Mark and David, and Jim and Pete Sidles, all of Ames, spent two days at the parental Peter Sidles home.
  While the news is late reaching friends here, it is interesting to know Mr. and Mrs. Richard McElvain have a son, Robert Richard, born Feb. 3. They have one other child, Mary Joe. They live in Duluth, Minn.
  The Jerome cemetery association will meet at the Jerome school at 7:30 Monday, March 30.
  Transcribed from The Seymour Herald of 12 March 1953.

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