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Henry & Belinda C. Jones Morland

The History of Appanoose County, Iowa
[Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1878, pages 587-588]
  Belinda C. Moreland [Morlan], farmer, Sec. 17; P.O. Confidence; daughter of Wm. Jones, who was born in Casey Co., Ky., in 1797; in 1817, married Miss Abigail Davis, native of the same county and daughter of Robert Davis; in 1819, removed to Washington Co., Ind.; thence to Putnam Co., Ind.; in 1851, to Appanoose; settled in Johns Tp.; entered 1,600 acres, on which he settled with all his children, and died in 1872; his wife died in 1870; had ten children, the eldest being Mrs. Moreland [Morlan]; she was born in Casey Co., Ky., in 1818; with her parents came to Putnam Co., Ind. In 1836, married Mr. Henry Moreland [Morlan]; his father, Elijah M., was born in 1787; married Mary Boutnan; settled in Indiana, where his son Henry was born in 1816; came to Putnam Co. in 1833; in 1852, Mr. and Mrs. Moreland came to this county [Appanoose] and settled in Lincoln Tp.; in the spring of 1853, they moved to her present place of residence, where he owned 1,000 acres of land, most of which he had divided among his children, and to which they have added 1,500 acres. Mr. Moreland was among the oldest settlers of the county and a prominent man. Was a Democrat and Conservative. Has held prominent offices both in the county and township; was an extensive stock-grower, and during the latter part of his life engaged in merchandising; he died Nov. 22, 1861, much regretted by all the county, and was attended to his last resting-place by a large concourse of the citizens; he left a wife and five children, the eldest of whom is Newton J., who was born in Putnam Co., Ind., in 1837; is now a resident of this township. Married Miss Emily Banks, daughter of Charles B., a former resident of this county, now deceased; Mary A., born in Indiana, in the same county, Sept. 3, 1840; her husband's biography [Thomas Owen] appears elsewhere; Louisa P., born in Indiana Dec. 1, 1842, died March 27, 1864; Lucinda J., born in Indiana Jan. 4, 1847, wife of P. T. Butler, whose biography appears elsewhere; William E. L., born in Indiana Nov. 9, 1849; married Miss Mary E. Freeman, daughter of W. W. Freeman, a resident of this county; they now occupy the old homestead.
Past and Present of Appanoose County, Iowa
[Chicago: The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1913]
Volume I, page 397.
  Henry Moreland and wife first located in Lincoln township in 1852, but in the spring of 1853 they took up their residence on section 17, this township [Independence]. Mr. Moreland before his death, which occurred in 1861, divided one thousand acres of his land among his children, to which the beneficiaries added over a thousand more acres. Among the sons was Newton J., long a resident of the township. 

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