Thursday, March 5, 2009

Union Men Loan Aid in Meeting Money Famine

Des Moines Daily News - 4 March 1909
Will Co-operate With Banks 
City Directory Fight Dropped
  No reduction in wages, but co-operation with the banks and other business institutions to make the financial stringency as easy as possible was the result of an all Sunday conference of the executive committee of the Iowa State Federation of Labor at Trades and Labor Assembly hall.
  Nearly all union men are working under a contract with their employers so that a reduction of wages is not expected.
  A fund is to be raised to aid the printers in fighting the Los Angeles Times, but no definite sum was agreed upon although the printers suggested one cent a man.
  W. W. White of Jerome was made delegate from Iowa to the American Federation of Labor.  He is vice president of District No. 13, United Mine Workers.
  The fight against the city directory was dropped.  It was decided that the publication of the names of the 5,000 union men in the city would do more good.

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