Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Town by Mildred Dooley Cathcart

  I like our small town because we seemed to have learned first hand, the lesson of brotherly love among all races and creeds.
  Jerome once was a flourishing mining center that attracted workers of all nationalities.  Since the coal mines have been abandoned, the population has dwindled to something less than 200 with many races represented.  There are such names as Dooley, Anderson, Yonavich, Hawkins, Rotisky, McCloud, Vruble, Ponsetto and Starcevich.
  We do not always agree -- we Irish, Swedes, Poles, Czechs, English, Italian, Austrians.  We often argue over politics, foreign affairs, baseball and other things.
  But we do agree that each has a right to his own opinion and that we profit by friendly criticism.
  It is to our mutual advantage to "get along."  If a house catches fire we all grab our buckets and run.  Who knows? Tomorrow it may be our house.
  If a family meets with adversity, we are willing to help and we know that when we have some misfortune we won't face it alone.
  We do not judge a man by whether he is a Jew or Gentile, Irish or Austrian, Catholic or Protestant.  We have learned to know these people of all races and mixed religions so intimately that we judge them by their own merits.
  I love our town for this.  Strangers ofter laugh at Jerome -- a town with only two stores, post office, school and two churches.  True, we have nothing of artistic beauty to show outwardly.  But it is a beautiful thing to love one's fellow man.  When all towns learn this, we will have no need to worry about ways to write a lasting peace.  We know it! We live it! And if we can pass this heritage on to our children, we shall have erected a monument of beauty that will surpass and far outshine any built by mere man.
                                          -- Mildred Dooley Cathcart
  Transcribed from a hand written copy found amongst the papers of Cadd R. Hawkins in her handwriting.  The editor does not know from where she copied it. 

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