Monday, March 23, 2009

Children of Sam & Vera Owen

  Written by Dorothy Owen, the historian and keeper of memories of the Samuel J. and Vera Owen family and the first and only daughter in the family of six children: Dorothy, Thomas, Hobart, Richard and Kenneth.
  These children were second generation descendants of the early settlers of this county.  Whatever their destinies as such might have been they were greatly modified by unforeseen events.  They came to maturity in the midst of the Great Depression; which was soon followed by World War II; which was followed by a developing economy which seemed to go crazy with inflation and exploitation.  Here is a brief summary of what happened to these "Sons (and a daughter) of the Pioneers."
  Dorothy L. taught in Centerville Schools for 8 years, and at Iowa Wesleyan College, 4 years; served in WAVES, of the Navy; "for the duration" (World War II); and has been Librarian at Drake Public Library, Centerville, the past 28 years.
  Thomas S. chose a career in Agriculture, specializing in Animal Husbandry and Nutrition. He also served in the Navy -- as navigator on a "flag plane" -- attaining the rank of Lt. Commander. Late in life he married Ethel Allen Villon.
  Hobart S. became an industrail engineer (one of their first ones) with a subsidiary of U.S. Steel in Gary, Indiana. He married Kathryn Frogge and they have 5 children: Stanley, Judy, Linda, Thomas, and Pam.
  Richard E. enlisted in the Naval Air Force, and was plane Captain of a PBM (patrol bomber) "for the duration" (World War II). He married Carolyn Cook and they have 3 children: Samuel J., Kenneth C., and Jean. Living in Glenwood, Ia. he became a Real Estate Agent, a Contractor, and now a Restaurateur.
  Kenneth E. married Frances Hamm.  They have 2 children: Keith and Diana.  After the death of his father (Samuel J.) he became operator, and later owner, of the "home farm." He has also followed his father in community and public interests -- serving 3 terms in the State House of Representatives (1955-60), and one term as State Secretary of Agriculture (1965-66).  Since then he was been prime promoter and finally first Executive Director of the Rathbun Regional Water Association.
  Donald R. was also in the Navy "for the duration" (WWII); he became an electronics engineer; married Marilyn Murphy; they have 2 children: Paula Gale and Kelly. After some years in electronics with Magnavox, Spartan, and RCA he spent 18 years with Communications Satellite Corporation in various executive positions -- traveling over 2,000,000 miles to bring satellite communications to developing countries. They live in Fairfax, Virginia.
  All are still living, except Thomas S., who died in 1972. Dorothy L. and Kenneth E. are the only ones remaining in this county.  Kenneth has four grandchildren to carry on the line.
  Text transcribed with permission from the Appanoose County Historical Society from Appanoose County Iowa, written by the people of Appanoose County, compiled in 1984-1985 by the Appanoose County Historical Society, and printed by Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas, Texas (1986).  

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