Friday, March 13, 2009

Cpl. Byron Inman Returns to States

  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Inman received word September 7, that their son Cpl. Byron Inman has been sent back to the states after 29 months in New Guinea.  Cpl. Inman has been wounded twice. The first time he recovered and was sent back into battle.  His wounds now are about the eyes.
  Byron was wounded at Aitape in the southwest Pacific.  He was one of the boys who turned the Japs back in New Guinea.
  Unlike most soldiers Bryon had never had a furlough home since his induction.  When he received this severe injury he did not tell his parents what had happened.  He wrote cheery letters instead but some of the words were hard to read and the lines were crooked, so Byron's parents wrote to the department asking about their son.  The following answer was received:
Army Service Forces
Valley Forge General Hospital
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
September 6, 1944
Mrs. Edward Inman
Route No. 3,
Centerville, Iowa

Dear Mrs. Inman:
  This is to notify you that your son Byron is now a patient at this hospital and has been assigned to my care.  He stood the trip here very well and his general condition is better than it has been since he was hurt.  His courage is excellent and he is chiefly concerned over the anxiety you must feel for him.
  However I regret to say that his wound, which was in his head, severely damaged his eyes necessitating the removal of his left eye and injuring the right eye so that he cannot distinguish light.  He has no other injuries and is not disfigured.  He has asked that you be informed of this fact.  After he has been at this station longer information in more detail will be furnished you.  For the present I want to assure you that everything possible has been and will be done for his comfort and care.
  I have no doubt you are concerned to know how soon it will be possible to see him.  If it were practical, you might pay him visits at this hospital.  On the other hand, I understand that Corporal Inman hopes you will not undertake the difficult and expensive journey here.  He will be granted a furlough as soon as he is able to travel.  You may communicate with him through this hospital.  Please mark your communications "Ward IC&D."
Sincerely yours,
J. N. Greear, Jr., Lt. Col., M. C.,
Chief of E.E.N.T. Section 
From an unidentifed newspaper clipping in the files of the American Legion Post #180 in Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa, microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah in 1990 and contained on FHL US/CAN Film 1672979.

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