Friday, March 13, 2009

Jerome School Students & Staff - c1932

Back Row: Marie Starcevich, Harold McElvain, Frances Hamm, Merle Lookbourrow, Mary Louise Ponsetto, Loren Hart, Willis Warren, Ace Dooley, Barney Massa.

Jessie Fox, Loise Starcevich, Katherine Sedgwick, Opan Houser, Bryon Inman, Marcella McKern, Ella Starcevich, Ruth Purdy, Margaret Hamm.

Verle Brummitt, John Ponsetto, Edward Matelsky, Edward Massa, William Yonavich, Leon Ponsetto, Willie Moore, Bruce McKern, Howard Sidles, Nellie Fry.

Kenneth Houser, Carol Sedgwick, Kenneth Moore, Paul McElvain, Robert Seals, Harold Hart, Shirley Johnson, Virginia Sidles, Gerald Stickler, Dorothy Hamm, David Purdy.

Richard Mincks, Richard McElvain, Genevieve Rash, Lois Johnson, Wayne Moore, Chester Moore, Harry Sidles, Wilsonia Fry, Rosaline Stickler, Buster Fox, Billy Rash, Leonard Norris.

Donald Kennell, Junior Pellen, LaVerne Moore, Maxine Anderson, Phyllis Hawkins, Waneta Baker, Donald Owen, Leonard Ponsetto, Jimmy Dooley, Winifred Sedgwick, Marjorie McElvain, Billy Mincks, Tony Yonavich, Frances Massa, Marie Stoner, Donald Purdy.

Teachers: Mildred Dooley, Georgia King, Cleo Baughman. Principal: Harold Main. Janitor: Geordy Anderson.
The editor sincerely appreciates the contribution of the above picture to The Jerome Journal by Phyllis Hawkins Cain of Papillion, Nebraska. Identification of persons taken from Memories of Jerome Iowa - 1989, page 36, where the picture also appears.

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