Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Family of Matthew Starcevich

  Matthew Charley Starcevich was born Feb. 18, 1889.  Mary Dawn Starcevich born Feb. 2, 1896.
  Matthew and Mary were born in Lic, Yugoslavia.  Both their fathers were in the United States working, as were their uncles.  Matthew came to the United States in 1903 and settled with his father and uncles in Jerome, Iowa.  Matthew was a coal miner and farmer.
  Matthew returned to Lic, Yugoslavia to visit his mother and while there, he met his wife to be, Mary.  They were married at St. Mary's in Centerville in 1911.  Later they moved from Jerome to Mystic, Iowa.  Born to this union were six children: John Gilbert, Mary Kathryn, Matthew Paul, George James, Anna Victoria and Milton (Mick).  John married Ruth Jordan and have one son, Michael.  Mary married Thomas Kruzich and their children are Thomas, Karol and Marialyce.  Matthew married Clemence Simon and their children are Mark, Susan, John, Judy, Richard.  George married Sheila Hannam and their children are JoAnn, Jim, Jean, Jane and Joseph.  Anna married Gerald Vinton -- Edward, Paul and Mary Jane are their children.  Milton (Mick) Starcevich married Anne Vinton and their children are Michael and Mary Kathryn.
  ---Sheila Starcevich
 Article transcribed with permission from the Appanoose County Historical Society from Appanoose County Iowa, written by the people of Appanoose County, compiled in 1984-1985 by the Appanoose County Historical Society, and printed by Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas, Texas (1986).

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