Thursday, March 5, 2009

Miners Strike -- One Thousand Employees of Thirty Mines Resist a Reduction

Morning World-Herald of Omaha NE - 3 October 1896
  Ottawa, IA, Oct. 2 -- A thousand miners in the Appanoose district are out on a strike against a reduction of 5 cents for mining coal, and a general restlessness among the miners at most Iowa mines causes a fear among operators that the strike may become general.  Strikes have reduced the miners at Mystic, Cincinnati and other points near Centerville to a pitiable condition and troops were stationed for several weeks last year at Cincinnati to guard against an outbreak against imported men.
  The present outlook is for just such a siege this time.  There is no appearance of trouble yet.  The miners are very quiet.  They congregated at Centerville yesterday about the shafts and offices of the coal company, but were orderly and made no demonstration.  About thirty miners are affected by the strike. 

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