Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wesley Inskeep Severely Injured - 1947

Seymour Herald - 28 February 1952
Do You Remember When...?
Five Years Ago - Feb. 27, 1947
  Wesley Inskeep was severely injured Wednesday of last week on the S. A. Martin farm southwest of Seymour. Inskeep and others with him had sought to start a tractor in a shed, but failed to make it run. They then used another tractor in an effort to pull the first tractor out of the shed. As it was pulled out backwards Inskeep sat on the machine that was housed. There was insufficient clearance and as the tractor was pulled through the door, Inskeep's head was caught between the steering wheel and the top of the door. He received a broken jaw and a very severe cut on the cheek.

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