Friday, November 27, 2009

Jackie Vruble Writes From Mexico City

Seymour Herald - 7 February 1952
  Jackie Vruble, who played forward for the Warriorettes last year, is now a member of the American Institute of Commerce basketball team from Davenport. Girls on that squad are now in Mexico on a game tour, where Jackie wrote the following letter to the Herald.
  "As a graduate of Seymour high school in 1951, I am now enrolled at the American Institute of Commerce at Davenport, Iowa, where I am taking a secretarial course.
  "As a former basketball player for Seymour high, I am now playing with the A.I.C. Stenos, who are now making their annual Good Will Tour through southern United States and Mexico.
  "We left Davenport Jan. 19 and our first stop was Kansas City where we encountered the Kansas City Dons. From there we traveled into the deep heart of Texas, where we made Dallas our headquarters for a week.
  "Aside from playing basketball in neighboring towns, we enjoyed many views of the interesting sights. Most of our time was spent in the state fair park where we were fortunate to view and visit the famous Cotton Bowl stadium.
  "During our stay in Dallas the weather was quite warm and pleasant, quite a contrast to the sub-zero weather of Iowa, as our local paper headlines read.
  "From Dallas we traveled down into Kendey, where we played the Kendey high school team.
  "Rising early the next morning we started on a 300-mile drive to Laredo, Texas. In Laredo we got our tourist cards and passed through the immigration custom bureau.
  "Since we stored our cars in Laredo, the last leg of our journey was made by bus.
  "During the 29-hour bus ride from the border to Mexico City, most of us saw our first mountains and some of the amazing and equally interesting sights of our lives.
  "Since we have been in Mexico City we have spent most of our time in preparation for our games to be played here. We have had the opportunity to visit a silver and leather goods factory, seeing how leather and silver products are made by the hands of the natives.
  "We are looking forward to many more interesting events, sightseeing and playing basketball during our stay in Mexico City.
  Sincerely yours,
  Jackie Vruble"

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