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JEROME By Miss Susie Sidles

Seymour Herald -6 March 1952
  Mrs. C. E. Ervin went Friday to Washington, Iowa, where she will spend a week with relatives.
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mincks spent last Tuesday and Wednesday at the home of Richard's aunt, the Frank D. Jones family, in Des Moines. While there they attended the state basketball tournament. Mary Catherine and Seven visited with their grandparents, the Wayne Rashes, while they were gone.
  Others from here who attended the state games in Des Moines Tuesday were Mr. and Mrs. Otis Seals, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Paul McCord, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Felkner, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Mincks, Mr. and Mrs. Walter White and Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Workman and Mr. and Mrs. James Hileman. 
  Jerome and Lincoln Township are having the Red Cross drive at this time. Mrs. O. L. Fry, Mrs. Raymond Terry, Mrs. Delbert Foster, Mrs. Dewey Mattly, Mrs. Thomas Gatrel and Miss Susie R. Sidles are doing the work. 
  Mrs. Coe Batterson was consulting a doctor in Centerville Wednesday following a heart attack the night before.
  Twenty-four were present at the W.S.C.S. meeting Thursday at the home of Mrs. Joe Beer. Mrs. Beer and Mrs. Merle Looofburrow served a cooperative dinner.
  Mrs. Otto Felkner and Mrs. Gail Felkner gave a very interesting lesson and devotions, which were followed by a short business session.
  Mrs. J. G. Morris was appointed chairman of the nominating committee and she will be assisted by Mrs. James Hileman and Mrs. Joe Beer. The next W.S.C.S. meeting will be March 13 in the afternoon with Mrs. Florence McWilliams of Aredale as guest speaker. Mrs. McWilliams is the mother of Mrs. Paul Felkner.
  The Edward Butler family have moved from the Henry Stitzma farm south of town to the Hayworth farm just south of the Stitzma farm where he lived last year. The Stitzma farm is still unoccupied. 
  Jim Sidles of Iowa State College spent the week end at the parental Peter Sidles home.
  Judy Beer won a wrist watch on a magazine subscription contest sponsored by the junior high school in Centerville.
  M.Y.F. will meet March 5 with Dickie Felkner.
  Mrs. James Rotiski fell at her home last week and is in poor condition. It is believed she broke some ribs.  

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