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JEROME By Miss Susie Sidles

 Seymour Herald - 24 January 1952
  Mat Euwer of Wyconda, Mo., spent several days with his sister, Mrs. C. E. Ervin, and Mr. Ervin, and Wednesday left here for Houston, Texas, to spend the rest of the winter with his son and family. 
  The family night church fellowship supper was held last Wednesday night. There was a very good attendance.
  The George Jones family and Phyllis Hamm of Davenport spent the week end at the Carl Hamm home.
  Herbert Warnick has recovered from his recent illness enough to be back on duty at the store.
  Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Fry have recently heard from their son, Billy. He has been transferred to another camp in Germany.
  Lester King was home several days from his employment in Davenport.
  The Richard Mincks family visited Sunday with the Gene Darrahs south of here. The Darrahs are preparing to move to a farm they have recently purchased on the Missouri line.
  Mr. and Mrs. Charley McGavran are doing some remodeling on their home.
  The doctor was called to see Mrs. Lydia Bollman Friday, but she is again improved.
  Miss Bonadene Wilson of Seymour attended the family night supper Friday night as a guest of Norman Hefner.
  The W.S.C.S. will meet Jan. 31 with Mrs. Charley McGavran. She and Mrs. C. E. Ervin are hostesses. Mrs. Marvelle McElvain will have the worship service and Mrs. Delbert Foster the lesson.
  Friends here were glad to know Mrs. Emma Ogle was moved from the St. Joseph's hospital in Centerville after a three months stay, to the nursing home where she had been before falling and breaking her hip. Mrs. Ogle will be 86 years old Jan. 25.
  Mrs. Edd Inman returned last week from a several weeks visit with her son in California.
  Charley Burns has again returned to work at the D.C. coal mine. He was off duty for a time with a nose injury that required several stitches after being cut with a shovel.
  Mr. and Mrs. John Cathcart spent Sunday in Iowa City.

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