Saturday, March 6, 2010

Soldiers Here - 1907

The Seymour Press - 22 August 1907
Reprinted in The Seymour Herald - 31 December 2009
  The 13th U. S. Cavalry consisting of 265 men and 300 horses arrived in this city about 5:10 last Friday evening. They camped at the Isaac Condra farm east of the city. There were four companies, A, B. C, D. Major Lewis was in command of this squadron. Captain Fitshugh Lee and Lieutenant Philip Sheridan, personal aids of President Roosevelt, were making this trip to take pictures and report the journey to President Roosevelt.
  They pitched their tents in short order and there were quite a large number of the town and country people out to see them that evening, the road was lined with teams until quite late. People stayed at the grounds until they were given notice to leave owing to the late hour.
  We would be safe in saying most every girl old and young had a beau that night. The soldier boys remarked that night that it was not hard for them to get a girl. We think that some of the girls who were out until after eleven o'clock with some of the soldiers should have been home with their parents and the parents should have been looking after their daughters.
  Kermit Roosevelt who was to have joined the party did not arrive and we understand he would meet them at Fort Sheridan, Ill., after they were in the fort.

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