Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mystery Student of the Week

The Seymour Herald - 20 November 1952
The Pepper - Official Publication of the Seymour Public School
  "Hi Shortie."
  This is a general greeting to a certain dark-haired damsel--and very appropriate, too, because she's only 5 feet 1 inch tall. She has dark brown shining eyes that add to her high personality rating. Her incomparable smile has dimples on both sides. She has a very small build and she weights only 100 pounds.
  She is a member of the girl's basketball traveling squad, which is also her favorite sport. She also plays a bigt part in the glee club in which she sings second soprano.
  Some of her favorites are: song--"You Belong to Me," season--spring, and food--pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream.
  Do you recognize her?  If not, look for the answer next week.
  -- Marilyn Joiner
[Note: Next week she was identified as Rowena Rash of Jerome.]

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