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JEROME By Miss Susie Sidles

The Seymour Herald - 13 November 1952
  Mr. and Mrs. Alfred McWilliams of Aredale visited Mrs. McWilliams' daughter, Mrs. Paul Felkner, and family during the week end.
  Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Stark spent Sunday in Centerville at the home of his niece, Mrs. June Olson. It was a gathering of relatives as a farewell to Stark's sister, Mrs. D. F. Harris, who has spent the summer in Iowa and will soon return to her home in Boonsboro, Md.
  Miss Vera Scott is home from St. Joseph's hospital where she recently underwent an appendectomy. She is recovering satisfactorily.
  Billy Fry, who returned from U.S. service in Germany Sunday, accompanied Jackie Fry to Bettendorf Tuesday. He hope to be employed there.
  The house formerly belonging to W. E. Hawkins and sold to H. L. Stark was moved by the Glen Johnson moving company Tuesday to the Stark farm. It will replace the home burned seveal months ago. They moved into it at once.
  Mrs. Clyde Elgin, teacdher of the older grades, was absent from school all day Wednesday because of illness. Since there was no substitute teacher, the room was dismissed.
  The women of the Methodist church did well with their lunch election day and cleared $60. THey will serve the E. E. Heaton sale Thursday, Nov. 13.
  Mrs. Bert F. Murphy, teacher of the primary grades, attended the state teachers convention in Des Moines Thursday, Friday and Saturday. While there she was a guest of her cousins, the John Burns family. She was accompanied to Des Moines by Mrs. Merrill Condra of the South Wilson school. 
  Loyd Crouch of the Simpson community and Miss Ethel Stoner of Seymour were in the community Thursday looking after the erecting of monuments in the cemetery.
  Quite a number of the neighbors west of town attended a charm party at Mrs. Leonard Wilson's Friday afternoon.
  Arthur Cathcart of Moline, Ill.m, is spending several days with his sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Strawser. Sunday they spent the day at the Harry Johnson home in Centerville.
  Mrs. Stella Dooley went to Davenport Sunday to spend some time with her children. She accompanied the Reuben Dooley family home. They had spent the week end here.
  Mr. and Mrs. Andy Van Blaricom and children spent the long week end with the daughter in Des Moines.
  Mr. and Mrs. William Cathcart of Elmira, Mo., spent the week end of Nov. 2 with the Roy Strawsers here.
  W.S.C.S. will hold its next all-day meeting Nov. 20 since Thanksgiving comes on the regular day. The hostesses will be Mrs. J. W. Workman and Mrs. Ray Parks. Mrs. Peter Sidles will have charge of the devotional period.
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Felkner of East Moline, Ill., spent the week end at the parental Gail Felkner home.

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