Saturday, March 6, 2010

Early History of Seymour

The Lone Tree Press - 28 March 1886
Reprinted in The Seymour Herald - 31 December 2009
  The town of Seymour was laid out in March, 1871, by J. C. Fox, William Wade, Hiram Evans and H. S. Rogers. The first engine that ever came into Wayne county crossed the line on the 29th of March, 1871, at 10:49 a.m. it being engine No. 150 or "Old Dollar and a Half" as the boys still call her. She still pulls freight on this division of the C.R.I. and P. John Keller erected the first house in town on the 14th day of March, of the same year.
  Soon after several business houses and residences were put up. On Saturday, April 2, 1872, the electors of Seymour presented a petition signed by twelve legal voters of the town asking the school board of the district township of Walnut to grant an independent district of Seymour.
  A list of children of school age was taken September 10, 1872, showing in the district a total of 89. The building was completed and school began January 13, 1873. L. M. McNeff being employed as teacher for four months at $40 per month.
  The school house was used as a place of worship until church buildings were built. The Presbyterian, Methodist and Christian churches were built in 1874. The Baptist since that time.
  (We are able to present the early history of Seymour by favor of J. C. Fox.)

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