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Jerome School Students 1957-1958

Seymour Community School District
Jerome School, 1957-1958
Grades 1-2
 Grade One - Top Row - Jean Marie Cathcart, Billy Darrah, Louise DeVore, Bobby Ervin and Mark Haines.
  Grade One - Second Row - Dennis Hitchock, Debra Joiner, Becky Lynn Jones, Sally Jo Millizer and Diana Owen.
  Grade Two - Third Row - Elizabeth Close, Mark Davis, Donald Davison, Charles DeVore, Kenneth Henderson, Melvin Hickie and Danny Hitchcock.
  Grade Two - Bottom Row - David Jackson, Marjorie Long, David Sherrard, George Valentine, Larry Ver Steegt, Linda White and Jacqueline Wilmot.
Grades 4-5
 Top Row - Grade Four - Left to Right: Allan Curtis, Donald Fenton, Gary Hixenbaugh, Johnny Huff, Jean Inskeep and Rosa Wilmot.
 Middle Row - Grade Five - Left to Right: Don Bristow, Linda Close, Jo Davis, Blanche DeVore, Jerry Finks and Ronald Long.
 Bottom Row - Grade Five - Left to Right: Bonnie McElvain, Roger Moore, Janette Shriner, Janice Sidles, Barbara Vruble and James Wilmot.
Grade 6
  Top Row - Connie Close, Wendell DeVore, Gene Fretheim, Martha Haines and Karla Hamilton.
  Bottom Row - Connie Joiner, Johnny Matkovich, Margaret Sherrard, Nancy Swan and Eugene Zemo.
  The above pictures and identifications were taken fromMemories of Jerome, Iowa - 1989.
  These pictures and identifications were taken from Memories of Jerome, Iowa - 1989.

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