Sunday, March 28, 2010

JEROME By Miss Susie Sidles

The Seymour Herald - 27 November 1952
  Mr. and Mrs. John Hickie and son, Melvin, spent the week end with the George Nichols family in Buffalo and with relatives in Davenport. White they were gone from home, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hickie of Brazil looked after the farm and were guests of Mrs. Lyda Bollman.
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mincks, Mary Catharine and Stephen spent the week end with the Billy Mincks family of Cedar Falls.
  Mrs. Effie Houx of Cedar Rapids is spending several days with Miss Susie Sidles.
  Charles and John Morris spent Sunday with relatives in Madrid. They were accompanied by Jimmy Condra.
  The Harvest Home Sunday observed at the Methodist church was well attended and the message given by Roger Crews of the Farm Bureau extension office was enjoyed.
  The Loyd Hickie family of Promise City and the George Sidles family spent Sunday with Mrs. Lyda Hickie.
  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Allen of Iconium spent Sunday with the John Ponsettos.
  Jim and Pete Sidles of Iowa State College, Ames, will spend the Thanksgiving holidays at home. Also Miss Colleen Hefner of Des Moines will be home for Thanksgiving and the remainder of the week.
  Guy Goughnour of Allerton was a business caller in Jerome Wednesday.
  J. W. Workman is convalescing at home after a short time in the St. Joseph's hospital.
  Rev. M. R. Gonzales' nephew and family of Philadelphia came Friday to spend a few days with them and soon after they arrived the nephew became ill with asthma and was taken to the St. Joseph's hospital in Centerville for oxygen treatments.
  The women of the W.S.C.S. have already begun preparation for the Thanksgiving dinner to be held at the school auditorium Thanksgiving day.

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