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JEROME By Miss Susie Sidles

The Seymour Herald - 30 October 1952
  Joe Beer and Jimmy and Judy went to Gary, Ind., for the week end and Mrs. Beer returned home with them after spending some time there with her mother, Mrs. Wayne Montgomery.
  Mr. and Mrs. Billy Mincks of Cedar Falls spent the week end at the Charley McGavran home. The Richard Mincks family joined them there Sunday.
  The MYF will have a Halloween party at the church Wednesday evening.
  Robert Beckley of Lewistown, Mo., has purchased the Robert Pellen farm south of town and has moved there. It had been vacant for some time.
  Miss Colleen Hefner of Des Moines spent Sunday at home.
  Miss Leona Griffin of Muscatine spent the week end with the Rev. M. R. Gonzales family.
  Miss Susie Sidles and Mrs. Paul Ervin attended an organization health seal meeting in Centerville Thursday night.
  The Y. W. Study club met with Mrs. Delbert Foster Tuesday evening.
  Mrs. John Cathcart was the guest speaker at the county Ladies Aid meeting at Brushy college north of Plano last week.
  The W.S.C.S. will have the all-day cooperative dinner meeting Thursday. The hostesses are Mrs. Peter Sidles and Mrs. James Hileman. The devotional period will be in charge of Mrs. Paul Felkner and the lesson will be given by Mrs. W. R. Hefner.
  The teachers were hostesses to the mothers Friday afternoon. They visited the class rooms and later Mrs. John Cathcart, Mrs. K. E. Owen, Mrs. William Clark and Mrs. Marshall Moore served refreshments. Paul Turner of Centerville was out and played the records he ad taken at the Halloween program.
  The George Jones family of Davenport spent Sunday at the parental Carl Hamm home.
  Mr. and Mrs. George Sidles and children and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sidles spent Sunday in Des Moines at the Rev. Roy H. Mills home. THey were accompanied by Mrs. Janice Sidles of Seymour.
  Mrs. Gail Felkner accompanied her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Junior Cary, of Moline to Ft. Smith, Ark., where they will spend a week at the Gail Felkner, Jr., home.
  Mrs. Chester Jarnigan and two sons of Des Moines visited several days at the parental James Felkner home.
  Mrs. Maue of Mystic visited Sunday with the Hefner families. 

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