Saturday, March 6, 2010

Seymour 1959-1960 Warriorettes

One of the "Sweet Sixteen"
The 1959-1960 Warriorettes were the last SHS team
to go to the Iowa State Girls' Basketball Tournament
  The Seymour Warriorettes of 1959-1960 have made basketball history which places them on a par with great Seymour teams that preceeded them in State Tournament play. Basketball fans all over the state will never forget the dramatic way the Warrioretts outplayed the Gladbrook champions for the first half of their game.
  However it is not for their won and lost record alone that the Seymour Community School District is proud of the Warriorettes. In appearance and conduct these girls have at all times been fine young ladies,. The effort and determination with which these girls have worked for years, under the guidance of their fine coach, Mr. Klett, should prove an inspiration for future teams.
  The season ends and the cheers die away, but we salute the Warriorettes of 1959-60 as they take their place in the record books--a great girls' team in the finest Seymour tradition.
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Row One: Inez Sell, Sandra Legg, Carol Zeitler, 
Mary Powers, Linda Morrow, Audrey Mace.
Row Two: Colleen Donald, Juanita Cox, Jan Stiles, Coach Duane Klett, Manager Beverly Long, Chaperone Margaret Shubat, Becky Alley, Linda Monteith, Kay Burns. 
From the 1960 Tomahawk  
Yearbook of the Seymour Community School

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