Thursday, November 4, 2010

Workman Fiftieth Anniversary at Jerome

Unidentified 1964 Newspaper Clipping
Workman Fiftieth at Jerome Methodist was Notable Affair
  Golden Anniversaries aren't as rar as they used to be but the anniversary marked by Mr. and Mrs. Dave Workman was notable for various reasons. First and foremost was the fact that Mr. Workman was one of a family of eight children, three brothers and four sisters, all past 60 years of age, attended the anniversary event.
  They are: Fred Workman of Detroit, Mich.; Mrs. Zell Holland of Clarkdale; Mrs. Inez Fry of Centerville; Clifford Workman of Lanora, Kansas; Mrs. Beaulah Luzadber of Kankakee, Ill.; Mrs. Gussie Hoke of Lanora, Kan.; and Jake Workman of Detoit.
Wedding Anniversary Occasion
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Workman are seen above in the Methodist 
Church at Jerome Sunday. Behind a beautifully decorated table 
they posed for their picture as a host of friends gathered 
to attend their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

  Mr. and Mrs. Workman were married Sept. 23, 1914. At the time Mr. Workman was a clerk for Frank Gable in the Gable store at Jerome. He was a son of one of the well known Appanoose county pioneer families. His young bride was Zella Loofbourrow, also a daughter of a pioneer family. They both have attended the Jerome Methodist church, where they were feted yesterday, all their lives. They have lived on the farm where Mrs. Workman was born, three quarters of a mile east and three quarters of a mile north of Jerome since 1918.
  The large number of people who gathered for the anniversary event attested to their wide acquaintance and number of friends.
  The editor sincerely appreciates the contribution of the above newspaper article to The Jerome Journal by Jane Ann McElvain Mahon.

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