Sunday, November 7, 2010

JEROME - 16 March 1944

The Seymour Herald - 16 March 1944
  Mrs. B. J. Owen moved to Centerville last Wednesday to the new home she purchased on 12th Street.
  Richard McElvain of the U.S. Navy stationed in Lawrence, Kan., spent the weekend of March 5th at home.
  The nutrition meeting of the farm  bureau held at the school house on last Wednesday evening was largely attended.
  The St. Patrick Day tea given by the W.S.C.S. last Thursday was well attended. A splendid program was given in charge of Mrs. Forrest Workman and Mrs. James Felkner, Mattie Arbogast of Numa was a guest speaker.
  Harold Hart of the U.S. Navy left last Tuesday night for Chicago after several days spent here. He is a musician, 1/c and will be stationed in Chicago for awhile.
  Mrs. Cameron, who makes her home with the Ray Evans family, has been quite poorly. Her knee was injured from a fall.
  L. J. Norris has been bedfast for several days but is some improved. He had flu and is slow recovering.
  Miss Susie Sidles and Mrs. Ralph Radosovich are collecting Red Cross funds in Jerome.

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