Sunday, November 7, 2010

JEROME - 23 March 1944

The Seymour Herald - 23 March 1944
  Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Mincks and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mincks attended the quarterly conference in Mystic last Tuesday night.
  Peter Sidles and Kenneth Owen attended a meeting for school improvement held in Chariton last Tuesday.
  W. R. Hefner and Kenneth Owen were elected to the school board at last Monday's election. They were re-elected as they had served before.
  Miss Cadd Hawkins, R.N., returned from duties in the St. Joseph hospital on Friday.
  Joe and Neil Nichols returned Thursday from Washington state where they had been working on a government project for a few weeks.
  In spite of the rainy evening 45 attended the Lincoln township Farm Bureau social held in the Jerome school on Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Harris and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hornady were host and hostess and served refreshments.
  John Morris was absent from school last week with the measles.
  Mrs. J. G. Morris spent Saturday and Sunday in Centerville with her mother Mrs. John Day.
  The school children are collecting paper and rags for the scrap drive.
  The Red Cross drive has not yet been completed in this community.
  L. J. Norris is able to be about the house after a recent illness.

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