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JEROME - 24 February 1944

The Seymour Herald - 24 February 1944
  Harold Hart of the U.S. Navy is spending several days with his father, Howard Hart and with his sister, Mrs. W. R. Hefner and family. He has been on a battle ship on the west coast for many months but will report for duty in Chicago at the end of his leave here.
  Mrs. S. J. Owen returned Wednesday from Seymour where she has spent several days at the Elvin Owen home. Her son Donald is spending this week at home before reporting for duty at Ames where he will attend school under the V-12 program. Until now he has been a student in the Jr. College at Centerville.
  Paul Felkner goes to Camp Dodge on Tuesday where he reports for duty in the Army Air Corps.
  Miss Cadd Hawkins left Saturday for professional duty in the St. Joseph Hospital in Centerville.
  On February 10th the W.S.C.S. of the Methodist church served a one o'clock luncheon. In spite of the snow storm it was fairly well attended and a number of dinners were sent out to those who could not attend. Mrs. W. R. Hefner and Mrs. Forrest Workman were in charge. Their decorations were very beautiful and in keeping with Valentine Day.
  On February 17 the W.S.C.S. served lunch at the Jack Miller sale on the Heaton farm. It was another snow storm and the sale was not largely attended but their profit was $17.00.
  Rev. and Mrs. Gonzales of Mystic were supper guests on Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mincks. They spent much of the afternoon making calls.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Holmes and son Larry spent Sunday at the Roy Glenn home.
  A. F. Hawkins has recently been appointed secretary of the Jerome school. Mrs. Marion Wailes had been acting secretary this school year until now.
  Mrs. G. D. Mincks and Mrs. Merle Loofbourrow will be hostess for the Coop-dinner of the W.S.C.S. on February 24th. Mrs. J. W. Workman and Mrs. Harry Stark have charge of the program.
  The Ray Smith family of Jefferson spent Sunday at the G. D. Mincks home. They are leaving soon to make their home in Montana. They formerly lived in this community.

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