Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Memories of Jerome, Iowa - Part V - Cemetery

  At the same time the school site was purchased, a plot of ground, three-fourths of an acre, near the school property and owned by Jacob Stoner was set aside for a grave yard.  There was no deed recorded of this property until 1900 when Harve Andrews, G. B. Van Dorn and E. L. Shontz trustees of Lincoln township, deeded the property to the Jerome Cemetery Association which had been founded in 1898.
  In the interim a larger tract adjoining the original cemetery plot had been purchased from B. F. Sedgwick.  First officers of the Cemetery Association were D. D. Wilson, president; Peter Wilson, secretary; and Wm. Hagan, treasurer; Lincoln Moore, James Barton and George Sidles, Se. were the first trustees.  Each of these officers took an active part in the Association until his death.
  The first grave in the cemetery plot was that of Willie Moore, eldest son of John and Mary Moore, buried in 1850.  This child was a brother of Mrs. George Wailes. 
  [From Memories of Jerome, Iowa, 1989 published for the 1989 Jerome Reunion.]

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  1. BF Sedgwick, Benjamin Franklin Sedgwick is the son of Joseph Sedgwick and Priscilla Rice who was my 1st cousin 5X removed.
    From his granddaughter Kathryn Sedgwick Hymes by why of her son-in law Jon Miller
    "Benjamin Sedgwick of Rices Landing was 18 in 1862 and decided not to enlist in the Civil War since he had relatives that had joined both the Union and Confederacy and instead went to Iowa.