Friday, December 5, 2008

History of Railroads, Coal Mines and Newspapers in Appanoose County

  Bill Heusinkveld wrote two major series of articles for The Daily Iowegian on the coal mines and the railroads of Appanoose County.  The growth of the railroads and the coal mines were closely related.  All of the articles are in the archives of The Daily Iowegian.  You will find these very interesting, educational and enjoyable.  Be sure to read the Milwaukee Railroad Comes to Jerome.
  The History of Coal Mining In Appanoose County, Iowa by W. M. "Bill" Heusinkveld was published in 2007.  See the last article above regarding its availability.  Other Appanoose County history books written by Heusinkveld are: This Day in Iowa History [1995], Cemeteries of Appanoose County [1999], Towns of Appanoose County [2003], 101 Sketches of Pioneer Stories [2004], Historic Homes of Centerville [2004], and Nine Appanoose Regiments in the Civil War [2007]. 

  A third series of articles written by Bill Heusinkveld for The Daily Iowegian tells the history of newspapers in Appanoose County.

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