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Memories of Jerome, Iowa - Part I

  The village of Jerome is located in Lincoln township, Appanoose County, Iowa.
  The names of the scattered settlers who came into the Jerome vicinity during the territorial days of Iowa have been for the most part long since forgot, but by the time Iowa became a state families establishing homes here had handed down names familiar to many residents of the area today.  Among the settlers who came in the late 40s and the early 50s to make this their home were John Moore, William Becknal, David Hawkins, John Criswell, Noah Stoner, C. R. Jackson, Henry Wilson, John F. Fuqua, S. C. Vanness, Peter Sidles and James Hagan.
  At this time much of the land was still government-owned and came into the hands of the early settlers by government patent.  Others bought from previous individual owners, even at this early date.  Parts of the farm owned by Peter Sidles is recorded as having been transferred from Robert C. Thorn to Joseph Delay to Peter Sidles, grandfather of the present owner.  Similar early transfers of property are recorded on land now owned by Kenneth Owen, earlier known as the Moore farm. This is true in other instances.
  One interesting case in Lincoln township shows land came into ownership by purchase at Chariton of soldier's grants, called bounty land, areas given by the government to the soldiers engaged in the military service of the United States.  Documents still available show sales of land from Mary Fisher, widow of Thomas Fisher, private in the War of 1812, Conrad Pinckard, private in the War of 1812, Henry Whitehead, private in the Seminole War, and David Cooney, private in a Florida War, all to Noah Stoner.  The purchase amounted to 320 acres, bought in 1856 through papers signed by Franklin Pierce, President of the United States.
  Men who came in the 60s were James Moore, Samuel Pendergast, D. S. Larimer, Henry Entzinger, Thomas Owen, Jacob Kinney, John Pendergast, Wm. D. McElvain, Wm. G. Crow, L. D. Dudley, James L. Buck and W. W. Bollman.  In 1870 Jesse G. Kinney established his home here. Ora, his son, now living in Seymour, recalls early memories of the time when there were only four homes in Jerome, those of Henry Wilson, Daniel Larimer, Calvin Jackson and James Hagan.
  As soon as the early settlers constructed their houses they began to establish a school and a church, thus starting a small village.  Horace W. Lyon was an early merchant, his place of business being in the home later occupied by the Larimers, a building that sat east of the present Carl Hamm home.  Mr. Lyon was said not be have been popular in the community for many objected because he sold liquor.  However, he had a blind son named Jerome who was very popular.  The town was named for this son.
  [From Memories of Jerome, Iowa, 1989 published for the 1989 Jerome Reunion.]

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