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David H Hawkins & Hannah A Criswell

  David H. Hawkins, was born in Barren County, Kentucky, about 1825, son of Isom Hawkins and Rachael Williams, died in Shawnee Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas, on 14 September 1867, and was first buried in the Shawnee Cemetery on 16 September 1867 and later moved to an unmarked grave on Block 164, South Section, Plot 2, Woodland Cemetery, Kansas City, Kansas.  He was married in Lee County, Iowa, on 7 December 1845 by Justice of the Peace Moses Gray, to Hannah Ankrum Criswell, who was born 23 August 1827 in Belmont County, Ohio, died 24 July 1903 in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas, and was buried in an unmarked grave on Block 164, South Section, Plot 4, Woodland Cemetery, Kansas City, Kansas, daughter of John Criswell and Rebecca Kilgore.

Hannah Ankrum Criswell Hawkins

  Between 1836 and 1839, David moved with his family to Washington County, Illinois.  The Isom Hawkins family appears in the 1820 Census of Barren County, Kentucky, the 1830 Census of Allen County, Kentucky, and the 1840 Census of Washington County, Illinois.  Around 1840, David moved to Lee County, Iowa, where he met Hannah Criswell.
  David and Hannah were both living in Keokuk, Lee County, at the time of their marriage on 7 December 1845.  

Marriage Certificate
of David H. Hawkins and Hannah A. Criswell
Married 7 December 1845 in Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa

  On 19 October 1850 the Hawkins family was recorded for the Census in District No. 29, Lee County, Iowa, as were Hannah's father [John Criswell], sisters [Kesiah and Elizabeth] and niece [Rebecca Wilson].  David is listed as 29 years of age, carpenter, born in Kentucky.

From 1850 Federal Census, District No. 29, Lee County, Iowa

  In 1852, the Hawkins family included two males and two females in Appanoose County, Iowa, and was recorded next to Hannah Criswell Hawkins' father, John Criswell.

From 1852 Iowa State Census, Appanoose County, Iowa

  In 1856, the Hawkins family lived in Shoal Township, Appanoose County, Iowa, and included David [35], Hannah [28], John I. [8], Emma N. [6], Rebecca Jane [3], and William F. [1].  This Iowa Census states that David has lived in Iowa for 16 years and Hannah for 12 years.  David is listed as a farmer, native voter, militia, owner of land with 70 improved and 23 unimproved acres.

From 1856 Iowa State Census, Shoal Township, Appanoose County, Iowa

  On 19 June 1860 their family was recorded for the Census in Bellair Township, Appanoose County, Iowa, with a Bellaire Post Office address.  David is listed as 36, born Kentucky, carpenter, with $1000 value of real estate and $200 value of personal estate. Hannah [33] born Ohio, John [12], Emma [10], Rebecca [7], William [5] and Mary [2].  All of the children are listed as born in Iowa. 

From the 1860 Federal Census, Bellair Township, Appanoose County, Iowa

  David H. Hawkins enlisted at Bellair, Appanoose County, Iowa, on 12 August 1861 in Company B, Sixth Regiment of the Kansas Cavalry Volunteers.  He served as a Private under Captain Elijah E. Harvey.  He was discharged from the service on 18 November 1864 at Leavenworth, Kansas, by reason of expiration of term of enlistment.  At the time of his discharge he was "38 years of age, five feet six inches high, dark complexion, gray eyes, dark hair, and by occupation, when enrolled, a carpenter."  His name appears on the Union Soldiers Monument erected 1 July 1869 on the grounds of the Appanoose County Court House in Centerville. 

David H. Hawkins' Discharge
from Company B, Sixth Kansas Cavalry
on 18 November 1864 at Leavenworth, Kansas

  After returning from military service, he moved his family by horse and wagon from Appanoose County, Iowa, to Turner, Wyandotte County, Kansas.  He died shortly thereafter on 14 September 1867 from stomach trouble developed during the war. 
  In 1880 [Federal Census] Hannah Hawkins and daughter Mary were living in the Joseph Rankin household in Shawnee Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas.

From the 1880 Federal Census, Shawnee Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas

  In 1881 Hannah A. Hawkins completed a "Widow's Declaration for Pension or Increase in Pension" based on David Hawkins' military service. At the time she was living at 1303 North 3rd Street, Kansas City, Kansas. 

Certification of Military Service of David H. Hawkins
by the War Department in support of
Hannah A. Hawkins' Widow's Pension Application

  In 1895 Hannah Hawkins was living with her daughter Mary Hackborn and her family.

From the 1895 Kansas State Census of Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas

  From 1887 to 1901, the Kansas City City Directories list Hannah at several addresses.  In 1887-88, Hannah Hawkins, widow of David, and William Hawkins, driver, are listed at 227 James.  In 1890, Hannah Hawkins, widow of David, and William F. Hawkins, laborer, are listed at 1303 N. 3rd.  In 1893, Hannah Hawkins, widow of David, and William F. Hawkins, teamster, are listed at 1303 N. 3rd.  In 1895, Hannah Hawkins, widow of D. A., is listed at 744 Stewart.  In 1897, Hannah Hawkins, widow of David H., is listed at 1916 Allis.  In 1898, Hannah A. Hawkins, widow of David H., is listed at 623 Winona.  In 1901, Mrs. Hannah Hawkins is listed at 750 Stewart.  In 1903, Hannah A. Hawkins, widow of David, is listed at 2045 North 5th.  In 1903, 2045 North 5th was the address of her daughter Mary Hackborn and her family. 
  Hannah died on 24 Juy 1903, age 75 years, 11 months, 1 day.

Funeral Card of Hannah A. Hawkins 

  Hannah was last paid $8.00 on 4 May 1903 by the United States Pension Agency, Topeka, Kansas.  On 3 October 1903 her pension was dropped because of death.  She had died on 24 July 1903.  

Record of Termination of Pension at Hannah's Death

  Children of David H. Hawkins and Hannah Ankrum Criswell:
  1. Sarah Ann Hawkins was born in October, 1846, and died in November, 1846, in Lee County, Iowa.

  2. John Isom Hawkins was born 9 May 1848 in Lee County, Iowa; married first on 5 October 1870 in Jackson County, Missouri, Susan Julia Rogers, daughter of Wilson Rogers, a Shawnee, and Polly Samuels, a Munsee; married second Hestor A. Ketchum Daniels, a full blood Indian of the Delaware Tribe, widow of Walker Daniels; died 10 July 1935 at age 87, in Craig County, Oklahoma, near Vinita, and was buried through the Burckhalter Funeral Home of Vinita in the Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, Craig County, Oklahoma.  Susan Julia Rogers was born 2 March 1853 in Kansas; died 2 March 1880 in Oklahoma; and was buried in the Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, Craig County, Oklahoma. Hester A. Ketchum was born in 1849; died 15 April 1942 at age 92, at the Indian Sanitarium in Claremore, Rogers County, Oklahoma, following a long illness; and was buried through the Burckhalter Funeral Home of Vinita in the Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, Craig County, Oklahoma. John Isom Hawkins and Susan Julia Rogers had three children: (a) Charles David Hawkins, born 9 September 1869 in Kansas City, Kansas; served as a Private in Company L, 1st Regiment, U.S. Volunteer Cavalry during the Spanish American War; married on 28 January 1907 in Craig County, Oklahoma, Dolly Singleton, daughter of William W. Singleton and Anne Chouteau; died 29 March 1929 in Afton, Ottowa County, Oklahoma; and was buried in the Ketchum Cemetery.  Charles and Dolly had six children: John Hawkins, Edith Hawkins, Nola Hawkins, Sue Hawkins (Hutchinson), Lucy Hawkins and a son who died as an infant. (b) Lucy Hawkins, born 2 November 1872; married around 1894 Charles Norris and lived in Ketchum, Oklahoma; died 7 June 1951, at the home of Adrian Blount, nine miles southwest of Vinita, Oklahoma; and was buried in Ketchum Cemetery under the direction of Burckhalter Funeral Home.  She had been a long-time resident of Ketchum and a member of the Methodist Church at Ketchum. (c) Abbie Hawkins was born 1 April 1878, died 26 April 1916, and was buried in the Ketchum Cemetery.  No children were born of John's marriage to Hester Ketchum Daniels.

  3. Emma Narcissus Hawkins was born 31 July 1850 in Appanoose County, Iowa; married 7 October 1869 in Johnson County, Kansas, Samuel Joseph Rankin, son of David Rankin and Mitilda Nicholson; and died 17 May 1880.  Samuel Joseph Rankin was born 24 January 1848 in Illinois; after Emma died, he married, separated and eventually moved to Ft. Worth, Texas; died 27 April 1907 at St. Margaret's Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas; and was buried on 29 April 1907 in Woodlawn Cemetery, Kansas City, Kansas.  Emma N. Hawkins and S. Joseph Rankin had five children:  (a) Louise Marie Rankin was born 15 September 1870 in Wyandotte County, Kansas; married 10 April 1889 in Witchita, Kansas, Elmer Ellsworth Simpson; died 23 September 1943 in Kansas City, Kansas; and was buried in the Highland Park Cemetery in Kansas City.  Elmer Ellsworth Simpson was born 27 February 1865; died 8 October 1944 at Bethany Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas; and was buried in Highland Park Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas.  Their children were: Joseph Edward Simpson and Mary Pauline Simpson.  (b) Lillian Rankin was born 20 June 1872; married 30 December 1896 William L. McCart in Fort Worth, Texas, by C. P. Bridwell, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church; died 29 November 1953 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas; and was buried in East Oakwood Cemetery.  Their children were:  Nancy Louise McCart, Elisabeth Howe McCart; Mary Tom McCart; MacGregor Rankin McCart; and William Lawrence McCart.  (c) Lizzie Ellen "Nellie" Rankin was born 12 June 1876; married Charles or Robert Matthew who had tuberculosis; both died of the disease, leaving a small child, Charles or Robert Matthews who was raised by the Matthews in Temple, Texas.  (d) William Thomas Rankin was born 1 June 1878 and died young, probably in Shawnee Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas. (e) Frank Rankin was born 31 August 1874 and died 1 December 1874, probably in Shawnee Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas.

  4. Rebecca Jane Hawkins was born 4 August 1853 in Illinois; married 30 December 1869 Lansing Parker Hewitt, son of Dr. Richard Hewitt and Hannah Parker; died of pneumonia 1 January 1922; and was buried on 4 January 1922 in Maple Hill Cemetery, Argentine, Kansas.  Lansing Parker Hewitt was born 27 February 1847, died in 1912, and was buried in the Shawnee Township Cemetery.  His body was later transferred to the Maple Hill Cemetery, Argentine, Kansas.  Their children were: (a) William E. Hewitt was born 15 August 1874 and married 24 October 1895 in Wyandotte County, Kansas, Lulu "Lou" Stanley.  Their seven children were: Ella Hewitt, Harold L. Hewitt, Edna Hewitt, Charles William Hewitt, Gordon R. Hewitt, Ruth M. Hewitt and Nellie Hewitt. (b) Frank R. Hewitt was born 24 November 1875; married Amelia Martin and lived in Watertown, South Dakota; died 4 July 1941 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  They had five children:  one died at the time of Amelia's death with influenza, Harry, Louella, Mona and Alma.  (c) Hannah Maud Hewitt was born 17 April 1876; died 21 September 1877 from pneumonia after the measles; and was buried in the Shawnee Township Cemetery.  (d) Warren Merrick Hewitt was born 28 August [c1878] in Turner, Wyandotte County, Kansas; was a resident of Kansas City most of his life; and died 9 July 1953 at Providence Hospital after a four-week illness.  He was a member of the Turner Baptist Church, Kaw Masonic Lodge, Caswell Consistory, Abdallah Shrine, the Eagles Lodge and the Shrine Club.  He "experienced the tradedy of the death of his intended with pneumonia before their marriage. He never dated again."  He served for 30 years as the assistant cashier of the Kansas City municipal water and light department.  (e) Elizabeth Irene "Mae" Hewitt was born in August 1881; married early in 1901 George Washington McCamish, son of William H. McCamish and Mary J. Wells; and died in 1966.  George W. McCamish was born 17 October 1869 and died 22 September 1963.  They had six children: Nina Louise McCamish, Helen Marie McCamish, Dee Alma McCamish, William Warren McCamish, Merrick Warren McCamish and George LeRoy McCamish.  (f) Ida Burke Hewitt was born 24 1884, married Byron Leroy Orvis and lived in Lake Charles and Welsh, Louisana; and died 3 July 1943.  Byron died 1 January 1960.  They had three children: Harriet J. Orvis, Byron Leroy Orvis Jr., and Betty Orvis. (g) Louella Hewitt was born 11 October 1887; married first Joseph A. Eagle, Sr. and second on 18 January 1939 John V. Hoefer; and died 10 October 1966 in Lake Charles, Louisana, where she had lived for 53 years.  She had two children by her first marriage:  Lansing H. Eagle and Joseph A. Eagle, Jr.  (h) Alma Dee Hewitt was born 7 October 1890 and married 21 June 1911 Charles Jay Trevor who had been born 22 October 1885.  They had six children:  Charles Leslie Trevor, Lora Mae Trevor, Ella Jane Trevor, Alma Marie Trevor, and Helen Marquerite Trevor.

  5. William Franklin Hawkins was born 19 October 1855 in Lincoln Township, Appanoose County, Iowa; married 11 October 1885 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, his first cousin, Mary Belle Hagan, daughter of James Hagan and Elizabeth Burch Criswell; died 24 August 1945 in Jerome, Appanoose County, Iowa; and was buried in the Jerome Cemetery.  Mary Belle Hagan was born 17 October 1856, died 19 April 1917 in Jerome; and was buried in the Jerome Cemetery.  They had seven children:  Cadd Ruth Hawkins, Kathryn Elizabeth Hawkins, John William Hawkins, James Hagan Hawkins, Archibald Franklin Hawkins, William Earl Hawkins, and Edmund David Hawkins.

  6. Mary Dell Nora Hawkins was born 11 May 1858 in Appanoose County, Iowa, married 11 December 1881 John Augustus Hackborn; died 9 January 1922 in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas; and was buried in Highland Park Cemetery in Kansas City.  Her sister, Rebecca Jane Hawkins Hewitt, had had pneumonia, and Mary went to care for her.  The conditions were not very good and Mry Dell Nora caught pneumonia and died only eight days after Jane.  John Augustus Hackborn was born 17 February 1854 in Dusseldorf, Germany.  He came to America in 1854 or 1855 with his parents when he was about sixteen weeks old and settled in Philadelphia.  He wen to Kansas in 1878 and was employed as a butcher in a packing house in the Kansas City, Kansas, river bottoms. John Hackborn died in California 12 November 1934 and was buried in Highland Park Cemetery, Kansas City, Kansas.  They had two children:  (a) Frederick August Hackborn was born 23 November 1882 in Kansas City, Kansas, married a widow Henretta M. Fessler, died 23 March 1962, and was buried next to his wife in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.  (b) Louise Marie Hackborn was born 23 March 1886 and died unmarried 3 September 1986 in Los Angeles, California.

  7. Archibald Fisher Criswell Hawkins was born 10 November 1860 and died 6 October 1861 in Appanoose County, Iowa.

  8. Lizzie Erminnie Hawkins was born 15 September 1866 in Appanoose County, Iowa, and died of measles 8 October (or 1 May) 1876 in Wyandotte County, Kansas. 
[Editor's Note:  David H. Hawkins and Hannah Ankrum Criswell are the Editor's Great-Grandparents.  William Franklin Hawkins and Mary Belle Hagan are his Grandparents.]

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