Saturday, December 18, 2010

Appanoose County Beekeepers Association Died

Daily Iowegian - 24 May 1894
  The Appanoose County Beekeepers Association died, disbanded, dissolved, fizzled, perished of insanity, on Saturday May 12th at forty minutes past one p.m. in the Commercial rooms in the city of Centerville, in the presence of a few of its most devoted friends. Five summers measured he span of its  brief existence. 
  Although short lived it has not lived in vain. Through its discussions many have obtained a better knowledge of the nature of bees and the methods by which apiculture may be made a success.  Considerable advancement has been made in educating the people in general as to the uses of honey to its healthfullness as an article of food, and the conditions that go to make a prime article. 
  At the organization of the association, scarcely a dozen people in the county knew the difference between strained and extracted honey, now the difference is almost universally known and recognized by the consumers of this section. Through its influence, the county agricultural association has been induced to recognize apiculture as a pursuit worthy of respect and encouragement, and to offer something like decent premiums for exhibits of the product of the apiary.
  Last but not least, a pretty general acquaintance among the beekeepers and a warm, friendship and good will among the beekeepers of the county has been worked up that will hold until we meet on the shores of eternity.
                                                               G. B. Replogle

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