Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coal Consolidation - The Mystic Coal Field - 1895

Iowegian - April 1895
  Word was given out on Saturday that all the coal mines on the Milwaukee road from Darbyville to Jerome had consolidated under the name of the "Mystic Coal Field," and includes a total of twenty-three mines. The entire output will be controlled by the company, the officers of which are: W. H. Holcomb, president; John B. Hughes, vice president and general manager and D. C. Bradley, secretary and treasurer. The board of directors are W. H. Holcomb, G. D. French, Alex Orr, J. E. Lee, Joseph Goss, J. L. Ludwick and John  B. Hughes.
The Earlington Bee [KY] - 16 May 1895
  "The Mystic Coal Field," at Mystic, Iowa, has been organized. This is the largest organization for the mining and marketing of coal in Iowa, and perhaps in the West.  In it are consolidated fifteen Companies, operating twenty-three mines at eight different towns, with an output of over 1,000,000 tons of coal a year. It was organized for the purpose of keeping up the price of coal and economizing in operating.

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