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Appanoose County News - 31 May 1894

Daily Iowegian - 31 May 1894
  --The Centerville contingent of the striking miners that are besieging Muchakinock are getting a good deal of blame by the daily papers for being drunken and unruly. There is a mistake somewhere. There are only three Centerville miners in the crowd the Appanoose contingent going from the mines along the Milwaukee. Centerville miners are peaceable and quiet men.
  --A Herald reporter had the pleasure of attending a piano recital by the wonderful child musician, Minta Lee Rice. She played a number of difficult selections with such accuracy and delicacy of touch that it was difficult to believe that she was not a highly educated musician, instead of a little girl who could not even read print. -- St. Joseph Herald.
  Russell's Hall, June 5th. Tickets at Ogle's.
  --Memorial Day services passed off in good order, there being a large crowd present. The published programme was carried out as nearly as possible. The meeting was called to order about one o'clock and the ritualistic service of the Grand Army was gone through with. The procession headed by the Military band, Company E, children with flowers, Grand Army, citizens on foot and in carriages proceeded to the cemetery and decorated the mound and graves, then marched back and completed the service in the Park. There was music and addresses by L.  C. Mechem and Maj C. A. Stanton. Col. E. C. Haynes was marshal of the day and maintained good discipline. By actual count of A. Efaw there were 2,785 people left the cemetery and not half of the crowd marched down. At night there was a camp fire in the Opera house presided over by Mrs. Dr. Replogle, opened by Mr. Inman in behalf of the Sons of Veterans. Addresses were made by Commander A. J. McCoy, Capt. W. F. Vermilion, Maj. C. A. Stanton, Mrs. S. C. James, interspersed with music and recitations. Memorial services were a success both day and night.
  --The Engine and Hook & Ladder company made a good display in the procession yesterday.
  --The miners are yet all out in the Appanoose mines but a number of mines in Wapello and Mahaska counties are at work. At Muchakinock are several hundred colored miners at work. They live near the mouth of the mines and are reported as well armed and disciplined and say they will defend their job. For the past week a large number of the striking miners have been camped around them but are not allowed to hold intercourse with the men. The number encamped on the outside have been largely increased and they announce that they will give the working miners till to-day to come out and after that they intend to use force. The way these men are situated, force is a thing that both sides can play at and the chances are that some one will be hurt if such an attempt is made.

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