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JEROME News - 10 May 1894

The Iowegian - 10 May 1894
  Dr Sawyers and Bowen, of Centerville, were in town Tuesday, the first of May, called in counsel with Dr Hall to set Mr Luther Buck's back, he having the misfortune to have a large rock fall on him while at work in the Big Four mine. He is resting very well and there are hopes of his recovery.
  Mr E A White's new house is being rapidly erected by Mr Wilson and Barton as Mr White is kept busy attending to the lumber trade.
  Mr. Hazlewood is now building a large addition to the Hotel de Hazlewood, Mr Wales of Mystic has the contract.
  Mr  Buck's new house is in the hands of Mr Wm Shorter, Jerome's leading plasterer, William is doing a fine job.
  Mr Peter Sidles has moved the old school to the square and is going to remodel and fit it up for a business room.
  Dr Kirkpatrick, wife and daughter, of Plano, were Jerome visitors. The doctor is looking better now and is able to attend to calls; while in Jerome they purchased a bill of wall paper and paint of Mr Forsythe.
  Mr Elvin Owen has accepted a position with the Alden Fruit and Vinegar company, St. Louis, Mr Owen reports trade good and likes the situation. He sold a large bill here in Jerome. Mr Owen has one of the oldest and most reliable houses in the west.
  Will Vermilion and Claude Porter, two of Centerville's most popular attorneys, were Jerome visitors last week on legal business. Mr James Aymor was sued for board but by his attorney, Mr Vermilion, he proved to be a married man and so got out of paying his board. We think it will be some time before Will can beat his board on the same grounds. 
  Mr Greenback, of Mystic, has opened up a new barber shop and jewelry store.
  Jerome has a new restaurant run by Mrs Loferty.
  Last Saturday the children thought a circus had struck the town, Mr John Lowry and Forsythe erected an awning in front of their stores.
\  Tom Fuller, of Centerville, was in town last Friday, advance agent for Miss Alma Hendrickson, who will give a refined entertainment Friday night at the church.

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