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Little Flock Baptist Church

Wayne County Genie News 
(Volume XXVIII, Number 1, April 2006)
  When the Little Flock Baptist Church, southwest of Plano in Johns Township, was dedicated on 21 January, the following brief history of the church was read:
Brief History of the Little Flock Baptist Church
  The Little Flock Baptist church was organized Nov. 14, 1859, at the home of Wm. Wakefield, A. N. Green moderator, A. F. Haines, Clerk.   The constituent members were William Wakefield, Mary Wakefield, Sarah Wakefield, Mahala Douglas, J. N. Boggs, Elizabeth Boggs and Mary Ferren.  Only one of this number is living.  Sarah Wakefield, who now resides in Arkahoe, Neb.
  The Little Flock school house was used for a place of worship until 1878, when the first house of worship was erected on the present site.
  The following are the names of those who have served as pastors:  J. T. Gunter, Rev. Longfellow A. Haines, A. T. Hackeby, A. Jackson, Z. Thomas, Wm. Barnett, F. Edwards, John Nelson, Bro. Davis, Bro. Archer, Bro. Sutton, A. C. Edwards, D. Given, J. Barker, E. B. Osborne, Ezra Temple, Wm. Beard, W. T. Horton, J. H. Percy, D. Boncroft, E. J. McCune, T. C. Rice, Perry Silvora, C. H. Owen, Rev. Huxford, Rev. Nowell and the present pastor, J. D. Gunter, who has been pastor for almost three years.
Dedicatory Services
  A letter was read from Bro. Edwards, who preached the dedicatory sermon of the old house of worship.  Bro. Edwards requested in his letter that the 84th Psalm be read, which was read by Bro. Clemens of Seymour.  Prayer by Rev. Dawkins of Lancaster, Mo.  The dedicatory sermon was preached by the pastor, Rev. J. D. Canter of Kirksville, Mo., the text being Psalms 65:4:  We shall be satisfied with the goodness of Thy house. Dedicatory prayer by Rev. Clemens.
  Much credit is due the building committee for their faithful work.  The pastor had made all necessary arrangements and the church had made provisions for all bills before day of dedication.
  The Baptists of Little Flock committee pride themselves upon having one of the up-to-date country meeting house in southern Iowa.

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  1. Hello, My ancestors were the Ferrens of Centerville. Mary Ferren (1805-1882) wife of William Ferren was one of the founders of Little Flock Baptist Church back in 1859. I am a descendant trying to obtain parish records for DAR membership in my state of CT. Could you refer me to some printed resources and possibly the contact info. for the Little Flock Baptist Church parish records going back pre-1880?