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Jerome News Briefs - 15 January 1909 ----- from the Semi-Weekly Iowegian

  A. Canfield and family have moved into the A. N. Wailes property, formerly occupied by George Stottlemyer.
  Ira Huston came up from Brazil Saturday and visited with friends until Sunday afternoon.
  Clyde Dooley's little daughter and son who have been very ill with tonsillitis are convalescing. 
  Ocie Moore is in Brazil this week, the guest of her sister, Mrs. Anna Davis.
  Little Helen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cathcart is ill with mumps. Wm. Oughton is recovering from an attack of same.
  Mrs. Inskip and children passed thru Jerome last Wednesday, enroute to their home in Seymour, after a visit at Plano with relatives.
  Carrie Knapp came over from Numa last Wednesday for a visit with her aunt Mrs. Amy Moore.  She was also introducing the Wonder lamp which far surpasses the common lamp, altho it burns common oil.
  There was quite a little blaze at this place early Thursday night when Robt Allen's residence burned to the ground.  The fire started from a small heater in the kitchen, and was discovered by Dav Loofburrow, the family all being at the Allen restaurant.  Soon after the alarm was given a large crowd was on the scene, but the fire had made such headway as to render it impossible to save the building; however the most of the household goods were saved.  There was some insurance, did not learn how much.
  Flora Hoover, the popular relief agent for the C M & St P is off for a few days visit with relatives, or until she has another call.
  The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Crouch, south of town has been very ill but is much better at this writing.
  Anna Cathcart who has been seriously ill the past three weeks is reported as no better.  Dr. Miller of Plano is attending her.
  The S. S. board of the Methodist church met Jan 3rd and elected the following officers for the ensuing year:  Supt. Mrs. Ettie Condra, Asst. Supt. Mrs. Arlie Stark, Sec. Kathryn Hawkins, Treas. Susie Sidles, Organist Loran Shonts.
  Rev. Bishop closed the meetings for a few days, on account of the cold weather.
  W. A. Hagan, the assessor for this township, made a business trip to Centerville Wednesday.
  Cadd Hawkins spent Wednesday with Susie Sidles, west of town.

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