Monday, April 12, 2010

The M.O.A.S. Club

By Myrtle E. Felkner

  This club was started by some of the Felkner ladies living along Highway #2, just as a social group to get together and have fun with their friends. This was probably started sometime in the fifties or sixties; no one kept any “minutes,” although they did write news items about their meetings for the Iowegian.
  Members were Stella Felkner, Sally Felkner, Nancy Felkner, Hazel Felkner, Myrtle Felkner, Mildred Blozevich, Opal Blozevich, Catherine Mallett, Honora Starcevich, Abbie Mincks, Edith Stickler, and Wilma McCord.
  These friends met once a month at a member’s home, enjoying games, visiting, exchanging news, recipes and jokes. Stella Felkner provided the name for the group----Maids Of All Sizes---here revealed for the first time!
  All are now deceased except for Myrtle Felkner, but the existence of the club is a reminder of a time when neighbors were closer, just getting together was fun, and friendships lasted forever.

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